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Wine Cooler Cabinet
Best Wooden Refrigerator Wine Rack Designs

A wine cooler cabinet is a great place to store wine bottles and keep them chilled ready for serving. Unlike traditional wine coolers, their wooden look keeps them apart from the rest. With an elegant wooden look a wine cooler rack actually looks like a piece of furniture in the kitchen that adds to the décor of the room.

Available in both freestanding and under-the-counter styles, these cabinets are great for saving a lot of space in the kitchen.

Why Should You Buy Wooden Refrigerator Wine Rack?

Different Custom & Pre-Fabricated styles & types of Wine Racks

Cabinet wine coolers are slim in design and make more use of vertical space. This allows the units to leave more of the surface area for other uses. They come in a large variety of sizes and wood materials to choose from. Besides being made of wood, they are more durable than the electronic ones.

The glass doors are made of thermopane. This not only exhibits the fine collection of your cabinet, but also protects the wines from external natural elements that can harm them.

Temperatures in wine cooler cabinets range from approximately 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for chilling liquor. You can increase the temperature when you want to serve the drinks, and decrease it when you want to preserve.

A wine cabinet cooler's refrigeration system is designed in an eco-friendly manner without a compressor to get rid of the vibrations. The thermoelectric cooling provides a vibration-free, quiet cooling for the wines.

Some of double credenza coolers are more effective in freezing drinks but are very costly.

A wine cooler rack stores the wine collection at an optimal temperature that is suitable for both preserving and serving. The roll out wooden refrigerator wine rack is great for holding heavy plus-sized bottles as they are stronger then the metal shelves.

How to Choose the Best Wine Cooler Cabinet

Wine-Cooler-CabinetCoolers are best used if the users know how to store wine bottles. The natural elements like light, humidity, air circulation, vibration and extreme temperatures can harm wine. It is necessary to choose a wine refrigerator cabinet that protects wine from all these elements.

A wine refrigerator cabinet that does not vibrate while operating is the best to use for wines. Choose a unit that has a tinted double-paned glass door that keeps UV rays at bay. The unit should be sealed to maintain consistent humidity. You should always set the temperature at a moderate level which is neither too high or too low. Ensure that the unit allows air circulation for keeping the wine fresh and cold.

While wine cooler cabinets are quite expensive owing to its wooden material and efficiency, it is worth spending a little extra to keep all those precious bottles in a case that enhances the beauty of the liquid.

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