Wine Bottle Cooler
Wine Bottle Refrigerator Buying Guide

A tabletop wine bottle cooler is great for quickly chilling a single or multiple wine bottles in one go.

wine-bottle-coolerThese coolers can be used for last-minute meal preparation or serving refreshing sparkling liquors like white and red wines at optimal temperatures. Homemakers prefer a wine bottle chiller because of its fast performance and trendy design.

Wine bottle refrigerators cool wine very quickly and are great when receiving unexpected guests. Electric chillers are energy efficient in nature and are fitted for rough use. They take both less time and power to chill wine bottles.

You can buy wine bottle coolers in free standing models that can save a lot of space, as they are compact and lightweight. Users can even tuck them up in a cupboard when not in use. Coming in attractive and trendy jackets, these coolers are very striking and play a crucial role in beautifying kitchen tops.

Wine coolers with 3.5-inch diameter can hold almost all bottle types, except magnum, jeroboam and a few rare others. Those with built in chargers can be used to chill bottles while on the car drive. In just 20 minutes its 12-volt car charger can cool a bottle to its optimum temperature.

How to Buy a Wine Bottle Cooler

thermoelectric-wine-coolerFirst, determine what kind and size of bottle chiller you need. Units range from single bottle wine chillers to 40 bottle wine cooler, and everything in between.

Also determine if you want to use the chiller indoors then choose an electric cooler. If you are going to use the wine cooler outdoors as well then you're better off going with a tabletop, nonelectric cooler if you want to keep the wine cool at all times.

Those looking for fast cooling can opt for a thermoelectric instant wine chiller, as it will ensure quiet, fast and efficient cooling.

There are also water-cooled chillers that cool the bottles by constantly shooting streams of ice water while rotating the bottle. When using these sorts of wine bottle coolers make sure that they're plugged into the outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter, which automatically turns off if water gets on the outlet.

Some wine coolers also offer programmable temperature displays so that you can set the temperature to a desired degree to avoid overcooling.

Finally, do not go overboard on your budget. Considering your parameters, hunt out a cooler that is efficient enough to meet all your requirements as well as your budget.

Types of Wine Bottle Chillers

Electric coolers are capable of cooling wine bottles within a short span of 25 minutes and are best suited for those who require fast cooling. Consuming about 60 to 70 watts per hour, an electric wine bottle cooler is energy efficient and cost-effective.

Non-electric coolers are less advanced and need a considerable time to chill. These coolers require a proper preparation time to pre-cool the bottles before chilling them in the coolers. Though very inexpensive and perfect for outdoor use, a nonelectric cooler is inappropriate for fast cooling needs and is not commonly used.

Bottle Holding Capacity

small-wine-coolerA single bottle wine chiller is considered very durable and effective in chilling individual bottles within minutes. Uniquely designed to save space, the ice chamber is the length of a bottle to ensure even chilling. Some machines are equipped with advanced dry wine chambers that keep the bottle cold and dry.

A 4 or 6 bottle wine cooler is also a good option for single users, depending on your consumption. You can also opt for a larger 12 bottle wine cooler units for greater storage. For small to medium sized families, a 16 or 18 bottle wine cooler is recommended. Lastly, the 40 bottle units are ideal for commercial use.

The best wine bottle refrigerator you can buy does not have to be flashy, shiny and polished. Buying a useful wine bottle cooler with durable built and convenient features is more important than buying an ultra cool looking jukebox. A secondhand one is economically sane, but not foolproof in certain areas.

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