Under Counter Wine Cooler
Under Cabinet, Countertop & Undercounter Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

An under counter wine cooler is a dandy replacement for the typical large wine cellars that are expensive and space consuming.

Both undercounter and countertop wine coolers are a great addition to every kitchen as they do not block working spaces unnecessarily and deliver equal performance. Sleek enough to fit under kitchen counters, they are very handy to store and serve wine.

The Benefits of Under Cabinet Wine Cooler
  • under-cabinet-wine-coolerOne of the foremost benefits of under cabinet wine coolers is their space saving quality. Similar to under the counter coffee makers, you can install them underneath kitchen counters, wet bars or in any other convenient location. Even though they're small in size, these under counter wine coolers offer a surprisingly large storage area. They feature adjustable shelves for storing both liquor and beverages like ale and beer.
  • These coolers have double pane glass doors with reversible swinging hinges making them convenient to open from both directions. They also allow you to serve drinks at your desired temperature by setting a controllable temperature. The controls come with built-in timers that allow you to set desired drinking temperatures.
  • If you buy the dual zone wine refrigerator units, they come with separate spaces for storage of red and white wines, since both have their separate degrees of chilling. You can also choose a single zoned wine cooler if you do not need two separate zones.

How to Use Under Counter Wine Cooler - Maintenance Tips

under-counter-wine-coolerAlthough undercounter wine refrigerators are fast replacing the conventional wine cellars, they still should be kept away from sources of heat. Since they are coolers, you should keep wine coolers away from any heat exposure to get the maximum cooling.

It should be noted that refrigerators cause vibrations during the operation, which can potentially damage your precious kitchen collections.

Both under the counter and countertop coolers should be kept away specifically from dishwashers, as the vibration can damage the later.

Avoid using an under cabinet wine cooler with clear glass doors. The natural light that enters the cooler through the clear glass can harm the liquors. It is best to use under counter wine coolers with tinted glass on the doors to ward off sunlight.

Finding the Right Undercounter Wine Refrigerator

UndercounterWineRefrigeratorDepending on your storage needs, pick a cooler based on its bottle storage capacity. People tend to choose based on their current needs, but those needs grow. A good rule is to buy a cooler that is double the size of what you currently need.

Give preference to coolers that have aluminum interiors over those using plastic. This is because aluminum is a better conductor of cold and heat and is likely to maintain a steady temperature for longer.

Also look for a textured pebble door lining for maintenance of proper humidity. Go for an undercounter wine cooler with roll-out shelves of wooden frame wire grids or wooden racks for easy adjustment. Opt for tinted glass for the doors to ward off UV that can damage the wines.

Lastly, the most difficult to deal with is the vibration caused by the coolers. Those with compressors cause vibration. Go for the higher-end models that are equipped with shock mounts to minimize the vibration effects.

Utilities of a Countertop Wine Refrigerator

A countertop wine cooler is another choice of wine coolers that saves space. They are compact, light weight and can be placed on a very small space on kitchen counters. They also have LED displays with soft touch controls for temperature setting and other necessary features. They're convenient and offer a good alternative to under the counter refrigerators.

Although most users rate the under counter wine cooler as better than countertop designs, the later are great for small beer and wine storage and quick serving. The undercounter ones offer more storage space, features and usability though.

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