Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
Vs. Compressor Electric Wine Chiller Comparison

A thermoelectric wine cooler runs without a compressor, providing vibration-less and noiseless chilling of wine bottles. Thermoelectric cooling technology is largely being used by manufacturers in small domestic appliances for its affectivity and success.

With a thermoelectric cooler you can chill a bottle of wine instantly without disturbing the whole house with noise and irritating vibration.

Advantages of a Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler:

NewAir AW-280E
Thermoelectric Cooler
with Touch Screen LED Light

  • A thermometric cooler operates without an built-in compressor. Instead, it is equipped with fans that circulate the cold air inside the cooler cabinet and drive out the heat that is generated in the process. Thus the only noise to be heard is that of the very low rotating sound of the fans.
  • Thermoelectric wine coolers have been built in an eco-friendly manner to help reduce global warming emissions. The coolers do not contain harmful cooling agents or organic materials like CFCs or HCFCs, which are thought to be responsible for the thinning and depletion of the ozone layer. When the cooler parts are disposed of at the end of the life cycle they cast less harmful effects on ecosystem.
  • The units are cost effective as they consume very little power, thus conserving natural resources. Thermoelectric coolers are also very small, thus being perfect for those living in tiny apartments or recreational vehicles. These thermo electric wine coolers are most appropriately placed on kitchen tops and under the counters.
  • A thermoelectric cooler provides an ideal environment for the wine to attain the best taste. While ordinary refrigerators freeze items at 50F, the chillers keep the bottles at 40F, the most suitable temperature for drinking.
Disadvantages of a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler:

However, a limitation with the thermoelectric coolers is that they should be kept in a room where the ambient temperature is above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, or 25 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that the units operate at an optimum level, cooling the bottles effectively. Otherwise the coolers will fail to reliably maintain the desired temperature of the wine.

Instant Wine Chiller and Other Coolers

Instant Ravi wine chiller - cools liquor in seconds

Wine chillers are different from thermoelectric coolers in that they can get a bottle of wine chilled ready to serve in just about 6 minutes. They are much smaller and compact in appearance and can only chill a few bottles at a time.

An electric wine chiller can cool a bottle within 5 minutes. With a combination of ice and water, coupled with the Peltier Effect (thermoelectric technology) in some, the devices run on electricity. The bottles are rotated with the ice water sprayed along their lengths. Though not very effective in rapidly chilling bottles, electric wine chillers are good for maintaining existing temperatures.

A rapid wine chiller is also very different from a thermoelectric wine cooler in that it is gel-based or uses an ice jacket that does not run on electricity. The jackets have to be pre-chilled by keeping them in the refrigerator for some time. Useful for cooling sodas, wine and other beverages, you just fit the jacket around your bottle, chilling it within just 7 to 10 minutes. An instant wine chiller is great for maintaining low temperatures of the wine bottle while drinking. Insulated ice buckets are also great in maintaining the constant temperature of wine bottles.

Electric Wine Chiller Disadvantages Compared to Thermoelectric Coolers

Compressor that run in coolers and fridges are rather noisy and vibrate. This noise can have harmful effects on wine bottles by disturbing the natural process of sedimentation in the wine. This spoils the flavor of the liquor in the long run. Thermoelectric wine coolers effectively cool wine bottles without causing unnecessary vibrations and noises. Thus, you do not need to worry about your precious wines going bad during the long hot summers.

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