Summit Refrigerators
The Eco-Friendly High-End Custom Design Fridge Freezers

Summit refrigerators are big on utility for the households as well as commercial centers like retail and medical stores.

summit-refrigeratorsThe company offers value-priced models with advanced design, attractive features and high quality. Summit Appliances manufactures and distributes refrigerators and freezers since 1969. It has earned a good reputation for supplying commercial and medical, compact, and specialty freezers and refrigerators.

Summit was first to introduce auto defrost among the compact refrigerators and freezers. At present, the company supplies the largest varieties of fully automatic defrost compact units in the market.

Today, the collection of the specialty freezers and the refrigerators has exceeded more than six hundred. The customer base of the company includes households, medical stores and laboratories, hotels, offices, etc.

Why Buy Summit Refrigerator or Freezer?

If you are searching for a fridge that is high on quality and combine good construction and novel design, then Summit kitchen appliances might just be one of the best choices.

summit-freezersThe company offers flexible solutions according to diverse needs of the buyers. If you need to install digital controls on a laboratory unit or add brass finish to a beer dispenser, then the Summit models can be modified according to the particular requirements.

Wide range of style and size makes Summit among the leading suppliers of the cold storage units. If you stay in an apartment with a limited space to accommodate a big machine in your kitchen, then the thin line models of Summit can offer a good solution.

Summit refrigerators are eco-friendly as the units can save power and control wastage of energy. There are several models of both freezers and fridges that are qualified under ENERGY STAR® rating. The collection of ENERGY STAR® models include full sized slim models for apartments, compact and undercounter height units, and lower ADA counter models. The company has announced its plans to expand more on the ENERGY STAR compact models, which is a good news for those who are planning to buy Summit freezers or refrigerators.

Summit-Wine-RefrigeratorSummit Wine Refrigerator- These models are quite popular in the bars, beer dispensers and the commercial refreshment centers. These Summit models are available in full size upright units for big storage capacity and also integrated under counter models with a width of around 24 inches. These models provide the customizable temperature settings, digital thermostats, and stainless steel body.

Other popular Sanyo fridge designs are:

  1. Counter Height
  2. Under Counter
  3. Built-in
  4. Cube sized
  5. Large capacity

With such variety of models, the brand reaches a wide section of customers.

Summit Refrigerators Unique Features
  • Separate glass shelves for easy and organized storage food, medicine and other items
  • Freezer sections to get deep freezing temperature for perishable goods and to ice
  • Stainless steel doors that ensure durability factor of the models
  • Door storage space and adjustable shelves to store more items safely
  • Reversible doors for more flexibility in the usage
  • Fan forced air circulation to maintain freshness inside
Summit Freezers Unique Features
  • Adjustable thermostat for adjusting temperature control as per requirements
  • Manual defrost to conveniently take out the items inside the freezer
  • Front mount lock for additional security

Summit-FFAR10LOCKERPopular models recommended by consumers are:

Summit FFAR10LOCKERCustom- This Summit refrigerator measures 55.13" H × 23.63" W × 23.5" D. It comes with color matched doors and nine interior locking compartments.

Summit CP35ADA- This is an ADA compliant and ENERY STAR rated unit with the dimensions of 32.0" H × 18.75" W × 20.25" D. This model is a refrigerator-cum-freezer with zero degree freezer and easy defrost capability.

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Updated January 3, 2011