Small Wine Cooler
Which Compact Wine Refrigerator is Best to Buy?

A small wine cooler offers great convenience for storing a small collection of liquor bottles for domestic use. The units are highly portable, offer easy placement and are very handy to use. A compact cooler can contain anywhere from 4 to 48 wine bottles.

A large number of wine cooler companies in the market manufacture small coolers of varied shapes and sizes to cater to diverse requirements. Because large wine cellars are too space-consuming and have high maintenance costs, single users prefer small and compact coolers.

Why Should I Buy a Mini Wine Cooler?

thermoelectric-wine-coolerCompact wine refrigerators are very handy to use as they are mostly placed on countertops. Small wine coolers don't take up a lot of unnecessary space and can be easily moved.

The thermoelectric wine coolers are installed with the Peltier effect cooling technology that is supposed to be the highest performing one in small appliances. Hence, units using the thermoelectric cooling system are very efficient in cooling and preserving the taste of the liquors.

Small wine refrigerators are more energy efficient than large wine cellars and cost much less to purchase.

Things to Consider While Buying a Compact Wine Cooler

small-wine-coolerLook for wine coolers that feature double-paned, tinted glass doors. Double-pane glass on a small wine cooler aids in maintaining efficiency of the thermal insulation. This in turn helps to retain a steady cool temperature inside the fridge. Besides preserving the taste of the liquors this will also cut down on your electric bill as it is energy efficient. Direct sunlight can alter the quality and taste of liquors. The tinted smoky glass protects the drinks from external light that can enter the cooler.

Always buy a small wine refrigerator that has adjustable shelving. Wines like champagne and other liquors come in diversely shaped bottles. An adjustable shelve rack is quite convenient to store plus-sized and wacky shaped bottles.

A constant humidity level is very crucial for proper storage of wine. Look for a mini cooler that can successfully lock a particular level of humidity inside the unit.

Types of Small Wine Coolers

There are two types of small wine refrigerators: countertop and built-in coolers.

Countertop coolers are placed on kitchen counter tops and take up very little space. With both the way door swings and the small storage space, they are great for preserving a small number of bottles and are convenient to serve wine from.

Built-in wine coolers are installed in the kitchen and under the counter areas. Though larger in size, built in coolers are great for bulk storage and beautifying the kitchen room. They are usually very elegant and classy, but expensive.

Which Size of a Small Wine Refrigerator Should I Buy?

haier wine refrigerators
Haier wine refrigerators
Best selection for small units

A 4 bottle wine cooler is very compact and ideal for single users. A small cooler of this size has low building, maintenance and energy costs, these coolers occupy the least amount of space while offering the necessary cooling features.

A 6 bottle wine cooler with the ultra quiet thermal electric cooling technology is great for family use and when serving small groups. Perfect to place on kitchen countertops, they occupy little space and are handy to store and serve out of.

Both types of refrigerators are incapable of separate storing of red and white wine and are inappropriate for large families or commercial use.

The small wine refrigerator is a unique innovation for families who are considering buying separate wine coolers but suffer from constricted space. You will have to be wise in your choice to pick the right sized small wine cooler for maximum benefits and to ensure your wine is properly taken care of.

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