Small Upright Freezer

A small upright freezer is a great way of saving cash while freezing food effectively in large quantities for future consumption. A small freezer runs on very low power and saves money on electric bills.

Why Buy Compact Upright Freezers?

upright-compact-freezerAn upright compact freezer is very space-efficient, which leaves you with more space in the kitchen. It's ideal for caravan and pool rooms and, in spite of their small construction, they offer an impressively large storage space to accommodate foods in large quantities.

Like regular refrigerating units, small upright freezers have several compartments to accommodate different frozen food types in an organized fashion. They naturally run on little electricity owing to their small size, and consume even less electricity if they're energy efficient models. This alone justifies their cost.

The units effectively preserve food for a very long time. Unlike chest freezers, where initially purchased foods get spoilt first, small upright units freeze foods uniformly, minimizing waste. Small freezers allow you to prepare meals before time and preserve them for use later.

How to Easily Defrost an Upright Compact Freezer?
  1. Turn the freezer off and vacate the contents. Keep the food items in ice chests or cardboard boxes to avoid spoilage. Remove the shelves and baskets from inside.
  2. Fold a towel thickly and place it at the bottom of the unit. Place one or two cookie sheets over the towel. Aim to cover as much of the towel's surface as possible to absorb dripping water.
  3. Start from the small upright freezer's bottom shelves using a plastic pancake turner to gently scoop out loose frost onto a cookie sheet. Avoid forcing the frost out or using any metal utensil or knife for the process. Once cleaned, dump the frost into a sink.
  4. As you move up by the shelves cleaning the frost, inspect if any more frost is left deposited on the shelves. Take a five-minute break and check back to see if the ice is completely removed.
  5. Next, take a wet fabric and wipe the inside of the freezer to remove the remaining ice bits. Take a clean dry towel and pat it dry thoroughly. Place the food back in the freezer, close door and turn it on.
  6. Defrost your compact upright freezer only when the weather is cool and dry outside. Prefer winter seasons as humidity can cause potential problems in the process.

Maintaining Small Upright Freezers

small-upright-freezersBefore opening the door of your upright compact freezer make sure of what you want to take out. The more frequently you open it the more likely it is to consume power and let the external warm air inside. This can cause wastage of power and ineffective cooling. Hence, avoid unnecessary opening and closing of the freezer door.

Organize the food items in the freezer once every week. Scan through the stored items once every month and remove items that have expired or have freezer burns. This will make finding what you want easier without having to keep the door open for long.

Compact upright freezers should be defrosted when the frost gets more than half-an-inch thick or every six months by following the above-outlined directions.

Check on the freezer's temperature once every year. Place the thermometer on a shelf, close the door and wait for 15 minutes before taking it out. If it reads 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or a temperature below that, then the machine is in fine working condition. If not, get a professional to diagnose and fix the problem, otherwise small upright freezers can cost more when broken.

Keep a magnetic whiteboard or a note outside the unit so that users can make a list of what they want to take out before opening the freezer door. This will help save energy and last frozen foods for long.

Recommended Best Small Upright Freezer Models

Sanyo-HF-5017The Sanyo HF-5017 is a 5-cubic-foot upright freezer that measures 25-3/8 by 21-3/8 by 33-3/8 inches. It features a removable meat drip-tray, two interior and three door shelves, an adjustable thermostat that aids in controlling the interior temperature. The unit has a smooth back and rounded door for a sleek look. It has two leveling legs that make under-the-counter installation easy.

However, unlike regular appliances, this Sanyo mini fridge freezer makes loud noise while running.

Frigidaire-FFU12F2HWThe Frigidaire FFU12F2HW is an 11.2-cubic-foot small upright freezer with adjustable glass shelves and sliding basket. The reduced temperature compressor allows effective freezing and a temperature alarm for worry-free freezing. Other features include adjustable temperature control to manipulate temperature as required, pocket handle for convenient door opening and adjustable leg levelers for convenient positioning.

This freezer weighs 169 pounds and costs around $450.

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