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Best Compact Fridge Freezers to Buy

With the evolution of nuclear families and apartments the importance of small refrigerators has increased in modern times.

small-refrigeratorsWith a limited number of family members and accommodation, small fridges have proven handy appliances in almost every household. If you purchase a mini fridge, you can easily place it in your garage, bedroom, or even dorm room and office.

The biggest benefit of these appliances is their compact appearance. You can place them in a suitable position and get easy and comfortable access to your snacks, juices or drinks.

There are many compact fridges on the market with diverse utilities and styles. It's essential that you sort out your requirements so that you can make the right purchase, otherwise things can be confusing. Here are some common types small fridges that you can easily find in the market.

Types of Small Refrigerator Models Available

mini-reviewsMini refrigerators - Classic fridges are available in smaller version and are called mini refrigerators, or apartment-sized models. This type of model is perfect for users who do not want full-sized models but need higher storage capacity than that offered by compact fridges.

Compact double door refrigerators - These small fridges include two doors, one for each of its two compartments, freezing and cooling. This is helpful for retaining an appropriate temperature inside the freezer by avoiding unnecessary opening of the freezer door unless required; hence the temperature is maintained perfectly.

Compact refrigerator - These small refrigerators are more compact than the two-door designs. The freezer capacity can only hold a small tray of ice cubes. If you need more freezer space then this is not the right model for you. Generally, these models have freezers that are comparatively less efficient than other varieties.

side-by-side-reviewsSmall side by side refrigerator - A side by side small fridge is a good choice if you have limited kitchen space. This version has the freezer and refrigerator next to one another. The shelves can be adjusted so that you can maximize available space for your storage requirements.

small-coolerSmall wine refrigerators - This small refrigerator is designed with wine storage in mind. These models control wine bottle humidity and temperature so that you can enjoy the perfect glass of wine.

Drawer refrigerators - These small fridges are relatively new but are already growing in popularity. They're easy to maintain and are available in various capacities for varied storage of vegetables, fruits, etc. Just pull out the drawer, place/take out the items and push it back in. It saves a lot of space.

No matter which of the above-mentioned models matches your requirements, it is essential that you adequately research the market. If your budget is a constraint, you can find choices of cheap small refrigerators as well. If you're looking for international deals, you can find which small fridges UK stores sell, or any other stores for that matter, by looking online.

Recommended Best Small Fridges to Buy

Avanti-SHP1712SDCThe Avanti SHP1712SDC is a small dc refrigerator that has a 1.7-cubic-foot capacity. Apart from 12V DC power it also includes 115V AC and 12v adapter. All the features of a premium refrigerator are available in this model. It measures 20.5 inches high, 17 inches wide, 18.75 inches long and provides auto defrost. This environmentally friendly cheap Avanti compact refrigerator costs just under $100.

Emerson 1.8 cu. ft. compact refrigerators use good small refrigerator compressors and their cooling capacity is effective. The refrigerator's total volume is 54 liters, with four of those liters dedicated to the freezer capacity alone. The design is compact, which allows it to easily fit into small spaces, while the compressor cooling system ensures consistent cooling. The reversible door adds more flexibility for storing content, while the lack of automatic defrost shows a downside.

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