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small-freezersSmall freezers are handy devices for storing extra food items that will either not fit into the freezer unit of the refrigerator or that you want to save separately.

Small compact freezers are very handy when it comes to preserving frozen fishes, diary and poultry products and ice cream. They're very convenient for storage of meats and other items which you do not intend to consume soon.

Unique Features of Small Compact Freezers

These units make efficient use of space in the kitchen due to their small, compact built. Most of these freezers come with externally mounted temperature controls that allow users to regulate the inner temperature. A small freezer makes for a helpful supporting unit when your freezer is overflowing with food and you need a small place to stack the extra items.

Small compact freezers are extremely efficient in cooling small quantities of food for a long time, and are absolute necessities in vehicles for preserving frozen and fresh food items while on the move.

They are also fitted with removable and adjustable shelves that can be shifted to make room for tall bottles and large packages.

Most mini freezers are meant for countertop placement, which makes accessing even easy and convenient. These kinds of freezers are ideal for older people and they save a lot of money as they consume less power and don't cost much. These freezers even have a very low upfront maintenance cost.

How to Choose the Right Small Freezer?

  1. First consider the freezer size you need. Figure out the quantity of surplus from your fridge or freezer that you have to keep in the compact unit. A standard-sized small compact freezer has a capacity of about 5.1 cubic feet.
  2. Consider the freezing capacity of the unit. Items will last for as long as the freezer is efficient enough to keep itself cold.
  3. Figure out the length of space you can afford to spare in your kitchen. Based on the available space, make your pick.
  4. Check if the freezer has wheels that enable flexible movement. Even if the wheels don't suit your choice, you can later replace them with ones that look different.
  5. Keep in mind the number of adjustable shelves the unit has to offer. The best small freezers have shelves that can be taken out and shifted to accommodate tall bottles and plus-sized food packages.
  6. Examine the warranty on the freezer. An average unit has a limited warranty protection of one year for both labor and parts, and five years on sealed parts.
  7. Other features that you can look out for are cooling options, thermostats, electronic touch controls, energy efficiency, etc.

Best Small Freezers to Buy

Haier-HNSB02The Haier HNSB02 is a combo small fridge freezer with a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. The unit features door-storage shelves, a slide-out wire shelf and a half-width freezer compartment. Haier's small freezer dimensions are 18.3 x 19.3 x 20.2 inches and has a reversible door fitted with recessed handles for convenient right and left opening and a neat look.

This model has a net weight of 38.1 pounds, and has a seven-setting adjustable thermostat, drip tray for quick cleanup, ice cube tray for taking out ice cubes, manual defrost for saving electricity, rotary temperature-control dial at the back, two front leveling legs to stabilize the unit, defrost drain for convenience and more.

UL approved, their small freezers are extremely compact and come with a one-year warranty for parts and labor and five years on the compressor. Ideal for use in office, den, dorms, poolrooms, Sunday homes, etc., this unit offers effective preservation of fresh snacks, drinks and other favorite treats. The noise level of HNSB02 is tolerable. The price of this appliance is under $200.

Haier-HUM013EAAnother good model is the Haier HUM013EA. It's a 1.3-cubic-foot freezer that can store about 46 pounds of food. This small freezer is fitted with a thermostat that can be controlled by users to adjust the temperature. For instance, you can turn it very low for preserving meat safely and a little higher to chill drink bottles. The design of the unit is very neat and elegant for a good fit anywhere. It comes with a reversible door and recessed handle to add to the sophisticated look.

Avanti-FF1009PSOther subsidiary features include a full-width coated wire shelf to make room for tall bottles, manual defrost system for saving power consumption and more. This product is one of the best compact refrigerator freezer models on the market and is priced under $150.

If you have issues with room in your kitchen, then get the smallest mini freezer available in the market. The Avanti FF1009PS is a 10-cubic-foot capacitive fridge/freezer that comes with a 2.3 cu ft small freezer. You can also buy an individual small deep freezer if you want a separate deep freezing unit.

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