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Portable & Compact Chest Freezers Dimensions, Cleaning & Buying Tips

A small chest freezer is a handy way of preserving food hygienically.

small-chest-freezerMeant for counter top placements, these units are ideal for keeping beverages and snacks cold. Small freezers are highly space efficient and are most convenient for placing in office rooms, small apartments and dorms.

Cleaning Compact Chest Freezers

First, remove all the contents and dump them in a separate freezer or cooler unit temporarily.

Second, find the drain plug at the bottom of your freezer. Open it up and put the freezer in a wet area such as an outdoor patio or on the sink edge. If you cannot locate the drain pipe, gather up newspapers or towels to absorb the melting water from the interior of the freezer.

Small chest freezers should first be unplugged from the electrical outlet and be left for some time to defrost before being cleaned. Damp objects like soft cloth and sponges are likely to cling to the frozen surfaces.

Now combine two tablespoons of baking soda and a quart of warm, clean water. Wipe the inside of the freezer with a soft towel or sponge dipped in the solution. Avoid metallic scouring pads and abrasive cleaners to clean the interior walls as they can cause damage. Scrub the in-between creases of the seals gently with the solution and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Avoid pulling the seal or scrubbing hard. Rinse the interior with a sponge dipped in clean water. Pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Once done, close the door and dust the back coils with a dry cloth. Turn on the small chest freezer and don't load food until the temperature reaches to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Evaluating a Compact Chest Freezer Quality
  • Freezers are measured in cubic feet, with small models measuring 3.5 to 7 cubic feet, medium models 13 to 15 cubic feet and large ones up to 25 cubic feet. Considering your required storage space and the size of your home to determine the size you want.
  • Compact chest freezers can come with various features, like built-in locks and keys, audible temperature alarms, exterior power indicators and wheels for easy movement.
  • Visit major retailer websites to seek expert comments on compact chest freezers. Scan through customer-written feedback and unbiased reviews to understand the efficiency of the model you are considering.

Recommended Small Chest Freezers

Sunpentown-UF-160sThe Sunpentown UF-160S is a 1.6-cubic-foot capacitive portable chest freezer, ideal for dorm rooms, the office, pool rooms and for holidays. With an ice-cube tray and slide-out wire shelf, the unit offers fair storage space for single users. Armed with a lock and key, it can keep snacks safe from truant kids and pesky roommates. This small chest freezer has a useful reversible door that can be opened on both left and right side, recessed door handle for a stylish and clean look and front leveling legs for quick stabilization on an uneven surface.

Other features include, a mechanical adjustable thermostat for effective cooling, a manual defrost for easy defrosting and a flush space-saving back design.

Approved by UL, this chest freezer measures 19-4/9 by 19-5/6 by 20 inches and comes with a one-year warranty. Perfect for placement on countertops, or use as a marine portable freezer, this unit costs under $250.

A small chest freezer can make cooking extremely convenient. By placing them on countertops, you can access the frozen items easily while saving a lot of space for working freely.

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