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2011 Best Rated Side by Side Fridge Freezer Reviews

A side by side refrigerator features a freezer compartment parallel to the refrigerator in a side by side position.

side-by-side-refrigeratorUnlike its stacked counterparts, side by side fridges consume more power to operate. Side by side units are usually taller than regular fridges. Though limited by width, they offer a large storage space along its length.

The vertical special distribution keeps food within reach, which could otherwise be difficult to reach if the freezer is mounted on the top. With side by side compartments, both the fridge and the freezer are easily accessible to all.

A side by side model enables systematic and organized item storage with separate compartments for each food type. It consumes less energy than a separate fridge and freezer would, saving a lot of money.

They're also highly efficient and last long without the need of frequent repairing. They 're slender, compact and classy, and their smooth metal finish goes with any décor.

Troubleshooting Side By Side Refrigerators

  • Check the power source if the refrigerator does not turn on. The machine should be plugged in a grounded, three-prong power outlet and receive uninterrupted power. Check if any fuse in the household has blown and requires the circuit breaker to be reset.
  • Next, inspect if the fridge's water and ice dispenser is working and the water supply is on. The waterline should be securely connected with the valve turned on. If the ejector pipe is suffering from an ice jam, remove it with a plastic utensil.
  • If you have made any changes with the temperature settings of the fridge then you should wait a minimum of 24 hours to adjust.
  • Make sure not to leave the doors open for long and that they shut properly, otherwise the compressor can be overworked. Side by side refrigerator doors can have trouble closing if the door are blocked from improperly placed items inside the door bins. It could also be caused by dirty gaskets, so clean them with water and mild soap.
  • If the interior light does not turn on while opening the doors, then replace the light bulbs of similar or lesser wattage.
Comparing Side By Side Fridge Freezer Brands

SAMSUNG H Serie Refrigerator Side-By-Side Video Commercial

Pick from brands that display the Energy Star label. Those without the label should at least have information on the KWH. Lower KWH means it's more energy efficient and less expensive to operate.

Determine the size that you need. A 10-cubic-foot model is ideal for a couple of users. For each extra person 1.5 cubic feet should be added to the fridge compartment. However, with side by side models, users will have equal space in both.

Side by side refrigerators have many features to choose from, including rapid ice-making cycles, temperature-controlled bins and adjustable shelves for convenient storage.

The budget and warranty offered is also important. Most side by side models range from $1,000 to $3,000, but can be as low as $800. Warranties are offered by both manufacturers and retailers and can range from one to five years on parts, labor and compressors specifically.

Read product reviews on consumer review websites to compare products and brands. You can rate side by side fridges by searching for a particular model number.

Recommended Best Side By Side Refrigerator to Buy

GE-Profile-PSHW6YGXSSGE Profile PSHW6YGXSS is a 25.5-cubic-foot GE side by side refrigerator powered with advanced cooling ClimateKeeper2 technology. The technology sets two separate temperatures for fresh and frozen food for effective preservation. With a modern stylish look offered by a full wrap stainless steel body and top bevel design, it features an external LCD control panel that allows setting of everything from temperature to the accurate measurement of water for the water dispenser.

The chill and express thaw features save time by thawing poultry and meat in hours. The chill feature chills 2-liter bottles, cans and bottles within minutes. The freezer freezes meats twice as fast as a standard freezer to seal the freshness and flavor inside.

Though it costs over $3,500, it's one of the best refrigerators side by side designs available in the US market.

Whirlpool-ED5KVEXVBWhirlpool ED5KVEXVB is a black side by side refrigerator with a total storage capacity of 25.3 cubic feet and is Energy Star qualified. The fridge features up-front dial temperature controls, an automatic factory-installed ice maker, clear snack pan, an adaptive defrost system, opaque adjustable gallon door bins, lockout control for tuning it on and off with a touch button, push button filtration system for one touch filtering and more.

Downsides include cheap-looking ice and water dispenser buttons and the refrigerator makes a loud ringing noise while running.

The fridge costs just under $1,000.

If, you are a single user or suffer from lack of space in your kitchen, then you can opt for one of the many small side by side refrigerators to avail all the above-mentioned features in your fridge while saving a lot of workspace.

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