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Roper refrigerator appliances offer very good value for money if you are looking for a durable and efficient food storage solution.

roper-refrigeratorsThe door bins are wide and can hold numerous containers and large items at once. Roper appliances make maximum utilization of space and keep everything fresh and within easy reach.

Roper brand is actually part of the famous Whirlpool Corporation and its popularity is growing considerably fast. In 1874, the first Roper appliances were made available in the market. The brand was acquired by Whirlpool in 1987.

If you want the quality of Whirlpool minus its price, then definitely consider the Whirlpool Roper refrigerators. Though you will not get all the features of a Whirlpool fridge, Roper units provide good value of money.

You will get Roper fridges of different varieties in the market such as freezer on top, freezer on bottom, and side by side models.

Roper Refrigerator Features Overview
  • ENERGY STAR- Some models of Roper appliances like the top mount fridges include ENERY STAR rating, which assures energy saving and reduced electricity bills.
  • Partial and Full Width Crispers- these help to keep food fresh.
  • Adjustable Glide Out- expands to fit all types of cabinets.
  • Freezer Shelves for proper placement of foods in the freezer.
  • Automatic ice maker to get ice cubes on demand whenever you needed it.

Consumer Reports on Roper Refrigerator Problems

Some users faced various problems (discussed in the following section) while using the Roper fridges and they had to find appropriate parts and call for the repair specialists. If the warranty period is over, then the service call can get expensive. However, the saving grace is that Roper refrigerator parts are easily available in the market. You can find various online stores selling these parts where you just need to mention the model that you are using.

Here are some of the most common problems of Roper appliances:

  • Liquids freezing- refrigerator tool cold- This is a common problem with Roper RT21AKXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator. Many users of this model have complained about this issue. Some experts believe that changing the thermostat can solve this problem.
  • frozen-coilsCoils frozen in freezer- Many users of Roper RT4DKX Top Freezer refrigerator face this problem of coils getting frozen in freezer without cooling the bottom. Defrosting works for about a couple of months and then the problem starts again as the coils start freezing. This problem is probably occurring because of poor quality of defrost heater or defrost thermostat in the Roper refrigerators.
  • Fridge temperature stays fixed- Some users of Roper RT21AKXKQ Top Freezer refrigerator complained that the temperature of the fridge stays at 59 degrees in spite of being set at the coolest point.
  • Ice maker not working- Roper RS25AEXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator users complained about this issue. They are unable to make ice but the water dispenser is working. The water valve of this unit includes two separate features- one for making ice and the other for dispensing water. Here the defect seems to be in the ice maker feature of the valve.
  • Loud noise- Some Roper RS25AEXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator users complained about the loud sound of the fridge after some months. Only replacing the compressor seems to be the solution to this problem.

Overall, Roper does need to be conscious about these complaints and seriously work to fix them.

Recommended Roper Refrigerators Best Buy

Roper-RS22AQXMQRoper RS22AQXMQ is a popular model. This is a side by side fridge freezer unit with a capacity of 21.6 cu. ft. The model can keep the food fresh and it is inexpensive.

Whirlpool ECKMF94 automatic ice maker kit for top mount fridge freezers is also a popular buy. The freezing capacity can reach up to 17.6 cu. ft and there is no water dispenser. If you are searching for a stable and less costly refrigerator, this Roper accessory kit is a good choice.

You can also follow the instructions given in the Roper refrigerator manual, which can be easily found and downloaded online, for guide on how to make the most of these kitchen appliances.

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Updated December 4, 2010