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How Do Portable Propane Chest Freezers Work?

A portable propane freezer for camping is a great way of saving electricity and money. Powered by propane gas, the unit does not have a compressor, resulting in lower maintenance and part replacement costs.

Benefits of Propane Chest Freezers

Propane powered freezers can be used anywhere as they do not require an electrical outlet to operate. Running on propane instead of electricity, they can be used in places where the electricity supply is scarce or places that suffer from frequent power outages.

Propane gas freezers are environmentally friendly as they effectively skip the usage of power, thus conserving electricity.

Propane chest freezers occupy very little space and are perfect for space-constrained kitchens and cabins.

Portable propane freezers are light and small. They are convenient to carry and help owners avoid food spoilage while camping with most of the same features of a standard electric refrigerator. They can even be used to preserve medication, which is important during camping.

Some freezers are convertible to kerosene and electricity, giving users the flexibility to switch to other fuel options whenever needed.

They can also be used in emergency situations in relief stations and hospitals in areas affected by a natural disaster to preserve foods and medication to help the marooned people.

How a Propane Freezer Works?

Propane camping freezers store a mixture of hydrogen, ammonia and water inside its cooling unit. The liquid propane gas heats the liquid until it bubbles and is then passed through the siphon pump tube to the water separator.

The water vapor is then condensed and reverted back to the boiling system and the actual dry vapor moves to the condenser. The ammonia vapor condenses back to liquid form by coming in touch with the cold air flowing over the condenser.

This liquid ammonia is then sent to the evaporator where hydrogen is passed through it. This reduces the pressure of the vapor making it evaporate. Thus the ammonia extracts heat from the food storing area causing the unit to cool.

Maintaining Propane Gas Freezers
  • Portable propane freezers requires less maintenance chiefly due to the absence of a compressor.
  • Clean the flue occasionally with a brush to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Rotate the brush gently in a circular motion to scrub out all the accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Clean the freezer periodically to make it last long and avoid health issues. Take out all contents and clean the freezer with a wet towel dipped in a mixture of baking soda and water. You can also use lemon juice to ward off smell from forming inside the unit.
  • Setting the gas pressure accurately is very important for excellent performance and durability of the unit. If you cannot set it by yourself then have a manufacturer's technician set it for you.
  • Make sure that your propane gas freezer is installed in a place wherefrom it receives proper ventilation from all sides and keep the gas valve turned on to protect the machine's thermostat from pressure.

Best Propane Freezers to Buy

FrosTek-240The FrosTek 240 G propane chest freezer is an 8.5-cubic-foot Freezer that's ideal for camping and cottages. Well built, the machine burns only one pound of propane for every 16 hours of operation. It is equipped with other features like a thermostat, a Piezo on and off indicator and can operate an elevation of 2,500 feet.

With a large storage space to hold a large amount of foods, the refrigerator can maintain 0 degrees Fahrenheit inside when the external temperature is over 90 degrees. Other features include and easy access bottom drain, silent freezing, an exterior thermometer and more. It comes with a free flue brush and is also available with an optional 110v AC.

Priced just under $2000, these propane freezers only weigh 220 lbs.

EZ-Freeze-BlizzardThe EZ-Freeze / Blizzard 15 Cu. Ft. upright freezer is a free standing model featuring four deep door shelves and three patented quick freeze shelves. The freezer incorporates a new single burner design and a dual absorption system that keeps food cold in all weather and climates. Offering fast recovery time for the frozen food items, the unit is double thermostat controlled.

The freezer also has a reversible door, which opens both left and right, and a Piezo ignition. With a wide interior that measures 46 x 23 x 23 inches, this propane freezer comes with a one-year warranty and an extended three-year warranty on the absorption system.

You can also try out a DIY propane cold plate freezer for effective freezing of meat, ice cream and other items that require deep freezing.

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