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If you're having trouble fitting all of your food into one refrigerator it may be time to look into a portable mini fridge. Small and compact, mini fridges can save space and are easy to carry and may very well be the perfect solution for you.

Why Should You Buy a Small Portable Fridge?

portable-mini-fridgePortable fridges are designed to chill food and drinks in places that you typically don't have access to a refrigerator - on occasions such as camping trips or family picnics. The most striking feature of these fridges is their space saving construction. Bottled drinks, cuts of meat, packaged items, bowls of eggs and more can be stored in a limited space.

They make transporting foods and drinks extremely easy. With a mini refrigerator, you can enjoy cold drinks during a summer holiday or while commuting. You can even store ice cream with the temperature set at a very low degree.

Portable mini refrigerators are practically designed to fit the owner's lifestyle. You can place them discretely under your desk and out of the way, allowing your office to still look like a presentable place of business. They have even been used as a portable vaccine refrigerator in refugee camps and rescue stations, preserving vaccines and medication.

What Problems Might Occur?

The biggest problem faced by all mini fridge users is the lack of room. In spite of adjustable shelves and door racks, these fridges cannot accommodate gallons of milk or a carton of eggs. You will have to take things out of their packages to make them fit inside the small unit.

Mini portable fridges do not preserve food as effectively as regular units. These machines cool well only when they are not opened too frequently. Do not leave anything in these fridges for long that is likely to spoil easily.

Small fridges sold in back-to-school and end-of-season sales in retail stores typically brake more easily than the regularly sold ones. Hence, make sure that the product has been insured with a year long warranty before buying them.

Choosing a Portable Mini Refrigerator

Waeco Mini Fridge For Your Work Desk video demo

  • First determine the purpose you want your portable mini fridge to serve. A simple unit can preserve food and drinks by keeping them cold. A freezer and refrigerator unit freezes foods and chills drinks respectively. Beverage units will only cool beverages, while an outdoor fridge will preserve food and chill drinks while withstanding the outdoor climatic challenges.
  • Compare fridge sizes: Mini fridge interiors range from less than 1 to 6 cubic Feet of storage space. For outdoor and countertop use, it's best if the height of the unit is less than 20 inches.
  • Study the different options and decide on their importance. The many available features include; a reversible door hinge, for opening the door in both directions; eco-friendly units that use refrigerant gas instead of CFCs; Energy Star ratings for limited power usage; internal temperature control dial for easy temperature adjustments; low noise levels; a semiconductor cooler for cooling efficacy and low noise; removable glass; plastic or wire shelves for easy storage and cleaning, and more.
  • Portable mini fridges have a lot of design and color options. Virtual stainless with vinyl coating is easy to maintain as they reduce smudges. Interior coils are preferable as they conserve space and stand flush adjacent to the wall. Recessed door handles also save a lot of space. Pick a color that goes with your wall color and kitchen dcor.
  • Finally, compare the price of the mini fridges. The cost will vary depending upon the type, size and features included.

Best Lightweight Portable Mini Fridge Models to Buy

Bebe-Sounds-MF104The Bebe Sounds MF104 is an energy-efficient outdoor fridge with an attractive look. Ideal for use in a baby's room or for workday lunches, the fridge can store beverages and food, both hot and cold. With internal temperature ranging from 149F/65C to 41F/5C, the fridge has a roomy interior that conveniently holds wide-necked and tall baby bottles and food jars. You can keep it on your table top to avoid going to your kitchen late at night for a glass of chilled water or drink.

Weighing only 7.6 pounds, the fridge features a temperature change switch, an AC and car adapter, brushless motor for long life, collapsible handle for easy portability and a polyurethane insulated solid CFC-free foam for safety.

These mini fridges can hold six 12-ounce cans at a time and cost under $150.

Sky-12-Liter-AC-DCSky 12 Liter AC/DC Portable Mini Fridges are cheap 12-liter car portable refrigerators that can hold 3 to 4 wine bottles or 15 soda cans at a time. Measuring 17 by 13 by 13 inches, the unit operates on DC 12V in boats and cars, or off of a 110V or 220V AC adapter at home. Working without refrigerants, the device is very quiet with insulated and its sealed body prevents heat or cold loss.

Its advanced semiconductors are free from CFC refrigerants, and it has a nifty door with small door racks. This portable car fridge cools up to 32 degrees and costs under $100.

If you need something larger a portable RV fridge is bigger in capacity than the car portable refrigerators. An RV portable mini fridge is designed for bulkier storage and longer preservation.

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