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Best Portable Fridge Freezers for Car, Marine, RV & Sports Events

A portable freezer is preferred for its light weight and portability. Able to serve a multitude of purposes in small environments, these ice makers are like full-sized freezers only with a smaller amount of storage space.


Advantages of Portable Freezers
  • Small freezers are extremely light and easy to carry. They can be easily taken on picnics, shopping or even outdoor parties. They are designed with various convenient features that make them indispensible for outdoor use.
  • Most modern portable units are designed to not discharge chlorofluorocarbons that can deplete the ozone layer. Instead, they use environment friendly refrigerant gas that does not harm the ecosystem.
  • Some of the many features portable freezers can be equipped with include variable temperature controls, which allow of the user to adjust the temperature to the desired degrees as required by the food within. This allows them to be used both as a refrigerator and a freezer by setting the temperature suitably.
  • Many are powered with a swing motor compressor, which maximizes the freezer's cooling temperature power, and are even self lubricating. Users do not need to oil them for a smooth and flexible opening and closing of the door. Small compact freezers are also designed to switch quickly from alternating current to direct current, depending on the kind of power supply.
  • A portable ice freezer is provided with shoulder straps to allow easy carriage. Users just need to hang them on their shoulder to carry them to places. They can be used in vehicles, rails and boats while on the go to enjoy a bottle of chilled drink.

Choosing the Right Compact Portable Freezer

To properly choose the right freezer you must first figure out your freezing requirements. If you intend to only store bottles then take a small freezer that has room enough for tall bottles. If you want to keep food also then you will need a medium to large freezer.

Waeco Portable Fridge Freezers video review

Portable ice freezers can hold anywhere from 1.1 to 3 cubic feet of storage. Pick the size that suits your needs. You can even choose from a countertop model for easy placement.

Decide whether you want metal or plastic finish. While metal constructions are durable and scratchproof, the plastic cabinets are more aesthetically pleasing.

Worthwhile portable freezers should be fitted with temperature controls that allow variations between warm and extremely cold temperatures. They should also come with good warranties. Purchase a product that has a minimum of five years warranty on the compressor.

Look for additional features like adjustable shelves to accommodate large bottles, thermostat for effective cooling, manual defrost and an Energy Star rating to save money on power bills. Ensure that the freezer uses eco-friendly refrigerant gas that does not affect the environment negatively.

Best Portable Freezers to Buy

Whynter-FM-45GThe Whynter FM-45G portable freezer is ideal for RVs, campsites, fishing trips and boats. Running on a 12 or 110-volt power source, this benchtop freezer can both chill and freeze effectively. With internal temperature ranging from 8 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the portable unit can freeze 60 cans or 45 quarts in a single load.

Powered by a compressor cooling system, the machine features adjustable temperature controls, an LED temperature display, a ”Power low” indicator, insulated walls and lid to prevent electrocution and two removable wire baskets for large storage space.

Other features include side handles to ease mobility, a floor drain for fast and easy draining and a solid outer case for durability.

For the cons, some users have complained that the fan does not blow properly at times due to ice blockage. As a result it does not defrost properly. The machine comes with a one-year warranty on labor and costs under $600.

True-Spot-FreezerThe True Food Service Spot Freezer is an environmentally friendly horizontal glass portable freezer with a 134A refrigeration system, which is perfect for frozen food items and ice creams. The exterior is has a non-peel finish and is durable, with a plastic lid and top frames. The freezer's automatically reduces solar heat gain, which effectively minimizes condensation and improves energy efficiency.

Some of the features include locks for security, a convenient defrost drain for easy draining of water, environmentally friendly stem castors, a manual defrost system to save electricity and an interior-mounted thermometer for easy reading of temperatures.

This freezer costs under $1500.

Apart from these there are many other option. You can even buy marine portable freezers that have been specifically designed for use on boats.

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