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norcold-rv-refrigeratorsNorcold RV refrigerators come from the house of Thetford Corporation, the renowned brand of mobile sanitation for vehicles.

Thetford Corporation is renowned for manufacturing complete line ups of low water using, light toilets for RVs, trucks, boats, etc. for over 40 years.

Based in United States, the company is solely dedicated towards making mobile living easy. The company further specializes in manufacturing a large variety of freezers and refrigerators for portable use in vehicles.

Norcold Refrigerators Overview

Known for their durability and dependability, there are broadly three types of Norcold fridge freezers for respective uses:

Norcold-Marine-RefrigeratorsNorcold Marine Refrigerators

Norcold AC/DC freezers are ideal for marine use. They are unbelievably small and exceptionally quiet. With a standard interior space of 1.7 cubic feet, the machines are powered with hermetically sealed compressor for silent running.

The doors are reversible with integrated door latch and removable door panels. Specially designed for truck and marine application, the Norcold refrigerator for marine use is compounded with ice cube trays, door bin storage containers, and user friendly controls.

Norcold-Truck-RefrigeratorNorcold Truck Refrigerator

The Norcold RV refrigerators meant for truck usage are ideal for application under the counter. The units' compressor and rear power are placed high up in order to improve the hull clearance. The controls are mostly mounted on the top for easy operation of the users.

Improved cooling performance with ambient temperature controls enable preservation of food for long. The machines have fans of 12 volts that helps in airflow for a better cooling performance.

Norcold-N510-3-way-refrigeratorNorcold 3 Way Refrigerator

Norcold 3 way refrigerators sport a wide, easy to see LCD screen mounted at the eye level and user friendly controls for convenient operation. The machines use an average of 3 amps on 120 voltages of AC current and 14.8amps on 12 voltages of DC current.

The units are provided with a special alarm system that rings if the door is somehow left ajar. In such case, the light of the food compartment turns off automatically, to eliminate the build up heat for protecting the battery. The container shelf of one gallon is ideal for storing juice and milk jugs. Dual crispers keep fruits, meats and vegetables fresh.

Key Features of Standard Norcold RV Refrigerators

Norcold Operation Instruction Manual Guide Video Demo

  • Norcold RV fridges come in varied sizes that make it easy for families of all sizes to buy one. The units range from robust ones for jumbo families to small ones for single users.
  • Norcold fridges are loved by camper and RV owners due to their cool style and useful functionalities. The units are known to be highly performing with the superior cooling technology.
  • The units are very silent while running. Even in close quarters, they are exceptionally quiet.
  • Storage system of the machines is very precise, easy and accessible with adjustable shelving and easily removable door bins. The storage containers are also remarkably large for convenient bulk storage.
  • The body of Norcold RV refrigerators is very easy to clean and durable. The shelved are coated with white powder to prevent rusting or getting tarnished. Because of their smooth finish, users will have a great time cleaning them.
  • The recessed doors are quite stylish and safe to open. Users will not face any problem in opening the doors wide, even inside the constricted space of automobiles.
  • The in-built thermostat responds to the mildest change in temperature and adjusts itself automatically. Thus the users do not have to interfere with the system every now and then.
  • Ideal for marine, RV and camping use, the AC/DC refrigerators are very light weight and can be moved very conveniently inside small spaces.


  1. The doors are reversible and open in a full swing of 180 for users' convenience.
  2. The units are compounded with super flexibility and user friendly interfaces for easy operation by all the members of the family.


  1. Cooling ventilation decreases sometimes
  2. Expensive

Norcold RV refrigerator parts come with a warranty of one year. Users can have peace of mind until the warranty expires.

Recommended Norcold Rv Refrigerator Best Buy

Norcold-N641Norcold N641 is a flush mount refrigerator with convenient double doors. With capacity ranging between 6.3 to 7.5 cubic feet, these RV refrigerators allow large storage of food items. With the touch pad control panel mounted at the eye level, it is very easy to operate with the adjustable shelves and door bins. The storage latch allows the air to circulate inside the storage space.

Pros: Compact look that takes less space; Huge storage space that provides room for more food; and Touch pad LCD panel for easy operation.

Cons: At times, the Norcold cooling unit does not seem to be working, when turned on; and some users have complained about excessive draining of the battery.

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Updated December 7, 2010