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Latest Fridge Freezers Updates

Here are the latest updates at and new Refrigerators reviews of recently released Fridge Freezer models in the market.

small-chest-review Small Chest Freezer
Dimensions, Cleaning & Buying Tips

Small chest freezers can make cooking extremely convenient. The freezing capacity of these portable chest containers range from 3.5 up to 25 cubic feet.

small-review Small Freezers
Best Deep & Smallest Freezer Prices & Ratings

The deep small fridge freezer is very handy when for preserving frozen fishes, diary or ice cream. Most compact coolers are meant for countertop placement under the...

portable-ice-review Portable Ice Makers
Dispenser & Portable Ice Cream Freezer: Reviews & Troubleshooting

Being among the best selling units, the Sunpentown portable ice maker dispenser and Play and Freeze cooler continer for camping have received high consumer ratings...

small-reviews Small Refrigerators
Cheap DC Powered Compact Fridge Freezers Types

The Emerson and Avanti small refrigerator designs can operate from 12 volt DC or 115 AC power supply. Other styles include: drawer, double door, side by side...

small-upright-review Small Upright Freezer
The 5 cu. ft. Sanyo small upright freezers feature a removable meat drip-tray, two interior and three door shelves, while Frigidaire compact upright freezers have reduced temperature compressor with automatic alarm system for worry-free usage...

portable-mini-reviews Portable Mini Fridge
Best Warm & Cold 12 Volt Car Refrigerators for Outdoors

The best selling Bebe Sounds portable mini refrigerator is an energy-efficient outdoor unit that can keep food both hot and cold. While the Sky 12 V car portable fridges...

mini-review Mini Freezer Only
And Top Rated Mini Fridge Freezer to Buy

The Danby Deluxe mini refrigerator freezer and Haier mini freezers only can store over 30 pounds of frozen food items, while taking up less space than...

portable-review Portable Freezer
For Car, Marine, RV & Outdoor Sports Events

The Whynter portable freezers are ideal for campsites, fishing trips and boats. While the True Food Service Spot Freezer is an environmentally friendly machine with a 134A refrigeration system...

compact-review Compact Freezer
Reviews & Comparison of Best Compact Upright Freezers

Compact freezers are best for people living in apartments. The smallest upright freezer dimension and storage capacity range from 1.3 cubic foot...

portable-reviews Portable Refrigerators
Reviews of Mini Portable Fridges for Office & Outdoor Camping

The PowerChill Coleman portable refrigerator can run on a vehicle's cigarette lighter. This portable mini refrigerator costs under $200 and can be used as a chest and upright chiller.

mini-reviews Mini Refrigerators
Compact Bar, Car, Beer & Personal USB Mini Fridge Warmer

Whether you need to buy compact car mini fridges or one of the personal bar fridge/warmer and cooler, the options available today are huge, ranging from...

stainless-steel-reviews Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Best Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer Cleaning Tips

Counter depth stainless steel refrigerators offer clean and modern polished look. Most stainless steel freezer finishes are very easy to wipe using a piece of cotton cloth. These are highly energy efficient, large storage appliances...

propane-gas Propane Freezer
How Do Portable Propane Chest Freezers Work?

Buying portable propane freezers for camping is a great way of saving electricity and money. Powered by propane gas, these frosting machines do not need compressors, resulting in lower maintenance and parts replacement costs.

commercial-reviews Commercial Refrigerators
Beverage Commercial Fridge Reviews & Buying Guide

There are various types of commercial refrigerator designs on the market for businesses like bars, restaurants and medicinal stores. There are: Walk In, Stand Up, Glass Door Fridge and Sliding Door designs.

12-volt-reviews 12 Volt Refrigerator
Portable 12 Volt Freezer & Fridge for RV Trucks

12 volt refrigerators work on internal or external batteries, which are rechargeable using wind, solar power and fuel cells. The best 12 volt mini...

side-by-side-reviews Side by Side Refrigerator
Best Rated Side by Side Fridge Freezer Reviews

Small side by side refrigerators feature an ice making compartment parallel to the food cooling storage in a side by side position. Side by side fridges, unlike their stacked counterparts, consume more power to operate.

built-in-reviews Built in Refrigerator
Best Compact Counter Depth Refrigerators

Built in refrigerators are custom built cooling appliances for modern space-constrained kitchens. The best selling feature of these units is their space-saving quality...

propane-reviews Portable Propane Refrigerator
How Camping RV Propane Fridge Works?

RV propane refrigerators are closed system units that use LP gas instead of electric motors. Propane fridges are mostly used in recreational vehicles - known as absorption chillers.

commercial-freezers Commercial Freezer
Chest - Upright Commercial Ice Cream Freezers Troubleshooting & Defrosting

Commercial freezers are used in hotels and restaurants that require bulk storage space for deep freezing and meat poultry products. The best commercial chest freezer by the Imperial brand and Frigidaire...

wine-reviews Wine Cooler Refrigerators
Best Wine Refrigerator & Wine Cooler Reviews

Impartial ratings of best wine coolers for . Find the top rated wine refrigerators for under counter, thermoelectric or built-in types by Haier, Danby, Avanti, Ewave, Vinotemp, Sub Zero, Marvel, Viking, Summit, Frigidaire, GE...

cheap-for-sale Cheap Refrigerators
Discounted Cheap Compact Fridges Buying Guide

Searching for a discount cheap refrigerator for sale is a typical step for those who have moved to a new house or are planning to buy new appliances. A cheap mini fridge...

cheap-prices Cheap Freezers
Buying Discount Chest & Upright Cheap Fridge Freezers

You must be very careful while choosing a cheap freezer for sale for your home or work place. The cost savings in the long run might not be as good as you originally thought...

energy-star-reviewsEnergy Star Refrigerators
Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator Ratings for Saving Money

Reducing power usage with the most energy saving refrigerator can cut electricity costs by up to 50%. Requirements for energy efficient refrigerators include: at least 20% less consumption...

bar-reviews Bar Refrigerator
Home & Commercial Undercounter Mini Bar Fridge

Commercial bar refrigerators are commonly used in hotels and wet bar restaurants, but more people are getting home undercounter bar fridges for residential use.

under-counter-cooler Under Counter Wine Cooler
Under Cabinet, Countertop & Undercounter Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide

A guide on how to choose and compare between the undercounter wine cellar, under cabinet wine cooler and the countertop refrigerator designs.

built-in-cooler Built in Wine Cooler
The Benefits of Compact Built-in Wine Refrigerator Installation

A built-in compact wine cooler is a great addition to your kitchen space or wet bar entertainment place. Installing under the counter units not only saves room and frees up blocked area...

small-cooler Small Wine Cooler
Which Compact Wine Refrigerator is Best to Buy?

You can get small wine refrigerators to hold from 4 to 48 bottles of drink. The mini wine coolers for domestic use usually come in countertop, integrated or freestanding thermoelectric units.

thermoelectric-cooler Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
Vs. Compressor Instant Electric Wine Chiller Comparison

A fast thermoelectric instant wine chiller, unlike the compressor rapid wine chiller designs, runs without vibration, is noiseless and cools liquor bottles more quickly.

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