Liebherr Refrigerators
Space-Energy Efficient, Versatile & Keeps Food Fresh Longer

Liebherr refrigerators are good for almost every buyer who is planning to get a new chilling appliance.

liebherr-refrigeratorsThe reasons are simple. Liebherr fridge freezer provides better usage of space, better preservation of foods, saves energy, and performs without making noise. In addition, the modern and attractive designs provide additional value to your kitchen.

Liebherr is popular all over the world for manufacturing excellent range of refrigerators and freezers since more than fifty years.

Liebherr is a German manufacturer that keeps on matching trends with changing time and demand of the users. The company performs continuous innovation and implements the best of technologies to create world class "Refrigerateur Liebherr" products.

If you are searching for a fully integrated, built-in, freestanding refrigeration unit or a huge collection of wine storage models, then refrigerateur Liebherr will not disappoint you.

Liebherr Fridge Freezer Reviews

The company brings in various types of fridges and freezers to serve the diverse need of the buyers. Each type of models comes with different sizes and dimensions, such as:

Liebherr Video Demonstration: Versatile Drawers

  • Freestanding- 24”, 30”, 36”, 48” and 60”
  • Built-in- 24”, 30”, 48” and 60”
  • Fully Integrated- 24”, 36” and 48”
  • Wine & Undercounter- 24” and 26”

The company constantly works on new innovations to provide better products. Its effort was recognized with the award of "Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2007" by the "Better Living" initiative and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Types of Liebherr Refrigerators
  1. Freestanding- These Liebherr units combine style and performance with perfection. If you live in a small apartment or have a limited space in the kitchen, then you can get a 24” freestanding bottom mount freezer or fridge. You can also get cabinet depth design models with surrounding stainless steel body, which allows you to place the unit anywhere. Freestanding units are also available in the side-by-side models that offer better usability and space management.
  2. Built-in- If you want a specialized kitchen, then you can opt for the built-in models of Liebherr refrigerator or freezers. You can get these models in custom-finish design or stainless steel. Mainly used in side-by-side configuration, the built-in models of Liebherr keep food fresh for a long period with the BioFresh technology.
  3. Fully Integrated- Fully integrated Liebherr fridge freezers are popular among the users because of the perfect combination of superior technology and specific electronic controls. These models are perfect for the custom kitchens.
  4. Wine & Undercounter- If you want to create a mini bar in your home or want a small undercounter beverage storage place, you can consider these Liebherr units. An undercounter beverage center can accommodate around 30 wine bottles and almost 100 cans.
Common Liebherr Fridge Features

Liebherr Interview - Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

  • BioFresh Technology- Keeps the food fresh for 3 times longer than average units and ensures a healthy diet. Freshness is maintained in all types of food such as fish, meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
  • Maximum use of space- Sleek design and open configurable shelving in the fridge compartment allow better usage of space.
  • FrontSafe Freezer Drawers- These drawers restrict cold air to escape out when you keep the door open.
  • VarioSpace- This is the flexible and removable drawer system of Liebherr refrigerators. You can easily pull out these drawers to adjust a big container.
  • DuoCooling- Models with DuoCooling technology features two completely separate circuits for refrigeration. It allows you to accurately control the freezer and fridge compartments, eliminating the possibility of humidity or odor exchange between two compartments.
  • ENERGY STAR rated- The models of Liebherr freezers and fridges enjoy ENERGY STAR rating, which assure energy saving.
Weakness & Common Liebherr Refrigerator Problems

In spite of some excellent features, you can find some user complaints in the Liebherr refrigerator reviews. Some users have complained about the durability factors as the bins got cracked, French doors not closing on their own, and some other minor issues. High price of some units is also turning away some customers.

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Updated December 6, 2010