Haier Wine Cooler
Haier BC112G Wine Refrigerators & Kegerator Beverage Dispensers

A Haier wine cooler is ideal for storing wine and beverage bottles besides being an attractive addition to the kitchen.

haier-wine-coolerWith elaborate temperature control features and slender, space saving design, Haier wine chiller is available in sizes to store from just 4 to even 40 bottles at a time.

Other than wine, you can also store beverages, water bottles and other soft drinks in Haier wine coolers.

While it is quite hard to find a wine cooler that goes right for you in all aspects, a Haier beverage cooler is low on price to fit anyone's wallet and is remarkably versatile. Hence, whether it is for domestic purpose, or for residential party occasions, you cannot go wrong with Haier.

Haier Wine Cooler Features

  • haier-wine-refrigeratorsHaier wine refrigerators are great to be placed in the kitchen without taking up too much space. The small models can be used for countertop use, while the larger ones can be easily installed under the counter.
  • The units come with contoured doors fitted with smoky glass to prevent the natural light from entering the machines. Exposure of wine to natural sun light can damage the unique taste of the liquor.
  • Each Haier wine cooler has an LED display where the temperature can be set. Users can also read the present degree of temperature on this display.
  • Each unit has a thermostat ranging from an average 45 to 60F. Users can set the temperature anywhere between the means and extremes, as required by the liquors stored.
  • The doors of the units are outfitted with a security lock. Although, most people find a lock in refrigerators unnecessary, they are highly useful in preventing the bottles from falling off accidentally.
  • The soft fluorescent light inside the units not only aids in taking out and inserting bottles, but users can also keep the light on for an elegant presentation of the inner content.
  • Many machines have separate storage compartments for red and white wines. Those without separate compartments are designed to preserve both the wines with equal efficiency.
  • Number of shelves depends upon the size of the unit. However, all Haier wine cellar units are provided with storage racks with chrome wires for long lasting and easy cleaning.
  • The advanced thermoelectric cooling system of the units is ultra quiet for a sound operation.
  • The thermoelectric system also provides a vibration free running.

Haier BC112G Wine Cooler


  1. Without sound and vibration for a quiet operation
  2. Steel grip handle for long lasting performance
  3. Advanced touch screen control for easy usability
  4. Soft interior light for illuminating the drinks in a party or occasion
  5. Slim and sleek design to fit any corner and any decor


  1. The motor starts creating noise with age
  2. Due to the fan, sometimes, the top or bottom zone stops cooling
  3. If there is a problem in the thermostat, the display reads error messages

Recommended Haier Wine Refrigerators Best Buy

Haier BC112G wine cooler is a 30 bottle capacitive wine cellar with automatic setting for white and red wines, smoke glass door for preserving wines effectively and LED read out for setting temperature conveniently.

Haier-KegeratorWith thermostat ranging from 45 - 60, the unit is provided with a soft glow bulb for a classy presentation of the wine bottles. The machine with a dimension of 24.2 x 22.4 x 39.8 inches, comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Haier Kegerator is a series of Haier wine refrigerator designs with suitable sizes of , 1/4 and 1/8th keg. Users can horde up enough beer in the units, for a small or moderate sized group. The Sankey tap system is easy to drain and serve the required amount of beer. They also come with interesting shelving units for easy and convenient storage.

The most outstanding feature of the machine is that the compressor that comes with a warranty of 5 long years with a short warranty of 1 year on labor and parts.

For commercial use, the Haier wine cellar is best suited for large holding capacity with separate storing systems.

Other popular Haier wine cooler models are HVTS04ABB, HVUEB06BBB, HVT12AVS, HVW12ABB, HVTM12DABB and HVTS16ASS.

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Updated January 4, 2011