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ge-refrigeratorsIf you are looking for durable appliances, GE refrigerators are sure to perform better than most conventional fridges on the market.

GE's cooling products can keep food fresh longer than lesser brands, which means you can reduce visits to stores and save money on grocery items. With General Electric refrigerator, freshness is almost always assured for healthy food storage.

This is because GE is among the market leaders to manufacture and distribute fridges not only in America, but all over the world. Both chilling and General Electric freezers are not just good on features; they are also appealing in terms of style and design.

GE Refrigerator Review

General Electric has three major product lines: normal refrigerators, Profile series, and Monogram lines.

If you are searching for top quality fridge, then you should go for GE refridgerator line. For making your dream kitchen come real, you can buy the customized fridge from the GE Monogram series. These models allow you to add various options according to your customized requirements. GE Profile line is a combination of innovation and style, which offers latest kitchen technologies with stylish look.

Types of GE Refrigerators

50's TV: General Electric refrigerator commercial (1952)

  • Top Freezer models- These are traditional looking models with the freezer section on top. These models are available in right-hand and left-hand configuration.
  • Bottom Freezer Fridge- Freezer section of these models is positioned below the main door. The main door is frequently opened to access fresh food and with freezer being positioned under it, the frequency of bending is reduced.
  • Side by Side GE Built-in Refrigerator - If you need to store large quantity of foods or want a complete customized look then these models offer good choice.
  • Counter Depth Fridges- These units perfectly merge with the surrounding style and appearance of your kitchen. It looks like a built-in model, but the price is much lower.
  • Compact models- Perfectly suitable for apartments, dorm rooms, offices and anywhere with a limited kitchen area.
  • GE Wine Refrigerator - Now you can enjoy chilled beer or fresh beverages like a mini bar, right in your home with a GE Wine fridge or the beverage centers. You can store up to 57 bottles of wine and numerous cans. All the bottles and cans get right temperature.
Unique Features of General Electric Refrigerators
  • ClimateKeeper Technology- Helps in keeping food fresh for long time
  • CustomCool- It is a full extension drawer with different settings that allow to chill foods fast, thaw in hours, and maintain freshness for long period.
  • UltraFlow100 and LightTouch- UltraFlow100 allows you take out 100 ounces filtered water every minute. The LightTouch! Tall dispenser allows filling any container easily with just a light touch of a finger.
  • Quick Ice- Makes ice fast, with up to 50% higher speed than normal settings.

Recommended GE Refrigerators Best Buy:

GE Adora refrigerator DSF26DHWBB - is an efficient refrigerator with total capacity of 25.9 cu. ft.

GE Hotpoint Refrigerator HSS25GFTBB - a freestanding side by side unit with the storage capacity of 25 cu. ft. It has equipped Light Touch, GE SmartWater filter and Ice/Water dispenser for added convenience and hygienic water storage..

GE Artica Refrigerator PSS26SGRBSS - another popular GE side by side refrigerator with ice, water and temperature control along a built in water filter. However, in some GE refrigerator reviews, the users reported about failing of different parts like the mother board. Good features and sleek design still make it a popular fridge.

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