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GE freezers are manufactured by the industrial giant GE (General Electric).

ge-freezersGeneral Electric first started in the year 1878, and ever since, they have continued to invent and introduce new technologies in the market in their attempt to make living simpler.

GE refrigerators are some of the most well known freezers in the market. The freezers are compact in terms of looks and high on performance and functionality.

General Electrical freezers range in capacity from 5 cubic feet to a maximum of 24.9 cubic feet. Broadly, there are three types of freezing units manufactured by GE.

GE Freezer Overview:

GE-Upright-FreezerGE Upright Freezer:

GE upright freezers are equipped with front doors like ordinary ones. With an average capacity of 14 cubic feet, these machines feature three cabinet shelves and five doors. The storage baskets offer bulk storage and flexible space usage.

The basic mechanical controls are for simple adjustments and can be operated by people of all ages. Interior light and lock allow clear visibility and security.

GE Chest Freezer:GE-Chest-Freezer

These are compact in dimension and are known for their ample storage space doubled with top door. With manual defrost types, these refrigerating machines are equipped with an average of 3 sliding and lift out storing baskets. The interior lights of GE chest freezers make the inside clearly visible, which allows users to locate small food items easily.

The devices are provided with a lock and key for people having truant kids at home. With steel epoxy coated cabinet liner and foam insulated lid, they are very easy to operate and last really long.

GE-Bottom-FreezerGE Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:

GE bottom freezers are one of the latest additions in the company's product line. They look stylishly sophisticated and offer double door with copious room for bulk storage. The distinctive French door design coupled with steel door handles give the fridge an ultra cool and classy look.

The armoire style, counter depth and free standing GE profile bottom freezer models are best for big families. The full sized party trays can be easily accommodated and can store gallons of fruit juice, milk and other large containers. The multi freezer baskets are added features for organizing food items.

Common Features of GE Freezers:

1955 GE Combination Wall Refrigerator Freezer Demonstration

  • All the standard freezer models of GE have the unique power “ON” indicator light. This is quite helpful as it prompts the users about the power status of the machine.
  • Another special feature of the units is their adjustable temperature controls. These controls enable users to set the temperature to the level as the stored food items demand. Thus foods go neither over frozen nor stale.
  • The units have both a handy divider/drain, and a defrost drain. The defrost water drain is very convenient to manual defrosting. Users find the divider or the drain pan very handy for defrosting the system.
  • The refrigerators are small and compact in nature. They do not take too much space inside the house, but can store a large number of items inside.
  • The units are also quite light weight, which makes them more easily portable.
  • The capacity of the machines is fairly large. An average fridge has a storage capacity of about 5 to 7 cubic feet.
  • Many of them are equipped with sliding or lift-out baskets. Users find this very helpful in storing items. Locating small items inside the basket is also easier.
  • The GE freezer cabinets are made of durable metals like steel epoxy coating that promises great durability and strength.
  • The exterior of the machines is very easy to clean due to the smooth finishing and antirust coating.
  • The freezers can preserve food in their intact fresh condition for long.

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  1. Adjustable temperature controls for regulating temperature as per the needs
  2. Compact and precise structure demands less space
  3. Defrost water drains for easy manual defrosting
  4. Slide out basket for bulk storage


  1. The machines are not qualified to energy stars, which means that they are not very efficient in terms of energy saving.
  2. They do not have an audible alarm which confuses the users in case of any malfunction.
  3. None of them are frost free and require manual defrosting for sound operation.
  4. Many models do not come with interior lights and locks, which cause inconvenience while loading and locating foods inside and carrying the units elsewhere.

GE freezer parts are provided with a minimum warranty of one year. However, for buying spare parts and accessories, users can contact company executives at their official website.

Recommended General Electric Freezers Best Buy:

GE-FUF14DTRWHGE FUF14DTRWH is an upright freezer with a capacity of 13.7 cubic feet. The fridge is loaded with convenient features like interior lights, self defrost, five door racks, fixed shelves, etc. The upright models of GE freezers with its compact built make it easy to fit it in tight corners of the house.

Meant especially for domestic residential use, the refrigerator does not have door and temperature alarm. The energy saving efficiency of the unit is also poor. However, in spite of everything, the cooling unit is good for long term usage.

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Updated December 2, 2010