Energy Star Refrigerators
Ratings of The Most Energy Efficient Refrigerator for Saving Money

Energy Star refrigerators are compliant with the Energy Star standards of the U.S. government. The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency together have created this standard to award devices that meet their qualifications.

Does an Energy Saving Refrigerator Really Save Money?

energy-star-refrigeratorsEnergy efficient refrigerators save money in terms of utility costs. Compared to a regular refrigerator, these units consume less power and reduce the total amount of electricity a household consumes, leading to a reduced energy bill.

An improved energy saving refrigerator tends to show greater efficacy and are very quiet in operation. Some Energy Star refrigerator models eliminate extra components like an ice dispenser to save power consumption.

Though the savings on utility might not get visible in the up-front maintenance cost of the refrigerator, it is quite economical in the long run. These refrigerators have a longer lifespan than non-compliant units, which saves money on new units.

Requirements for Energy Star Refrigerators

  • To display the Energy Star label a refrigerator should be at least 20 percent more energy efficient than the minimum NAECA standards. The amount of power consumed depends on the size of the machine.
  • The manufacturers provide testimony of the fact that the units have been tested in a 90 degree Fahrenheit room to show that their units maintain efficiency, even when the fridge door is kept open and the cold air from inside is lost.
  • Energy Star compliant units should display a star icon with a blue Energy Star label. Noncertified items do not exhibit this marking.
How Much Power Does an Energy Efficient Refrigerator Use?

An Energy Star refrigerator uses up to 50 percent less electricity than uncertified models. The new energy efficient models display a yellow EnergyGuide label that reads the estimated amount of electricity used and yearly operational cost of the particular model. The Energy Star logo is only placed on models that meet Energy Star requirements.

Whirlpool's Central Park refrigerator lets you charge iPod

The Energy Star website offers a calculator which you can feed with your model number and year to calculate the energy savings and energy consumption of the unit.

Buying Energy Efficient Freezers
  1. Decide the capacity of your freezer based on your storage needs. A standard family should have 4 1/2 cubic feet of storage space for every individual.
  2. Investing in a chest style freezer is wise as they are generally more efficient, have a thick hull and an increased insulation level for longer and more effective preservation.
  3. Buy Energy Star refrigerators that include a comprehensive or digital thermostat which are more detailed and have precise temperature controls for easy operation.
  4. Consider a freezer with a heavy door and tough hinges that aid in keeping the gaskets tight to retain cold air inside for long. You will feel a noticeable resistance while testing a door with a strong seal.
  5. Buy a freezer that is capable of monitoring and regulating its own climate, internal temperature and can turn on and off by itself. This will enable lower consumption of power.

Best Energy Efficient Refrigerator Models to Buy

Sub-Zero-UC-24RSub-Zero UC-24R Undercounter Refrigerator is the most energy efficient refrigerator that uses 46 percent less power than the basic Energy Star refrigerator standards. Primarily used for under-the-counter installation, the unit is highly compact with a traditional hinge-based swing door. Though the unit comes in a standard stainless steel frontal panel, it can be custom fitted with a personalized panel that matches with your kitchen décor.

The unit can store a two-liter bottle in the door and has a clear utility bin for storing small items. With a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet, the unit sports easy-to-access electronic controls, LCD display, spill-proof, adjustable cantilever, glass shelving, spill-proof glass floor and pro or tubular handles.

The door is known to have sagged after a year of usage, but this can happen by overloading the door racks.

U-Line-Echelon-2175RFWU-Line Echelon 2175RFW is a 24” freezer refrigerator that consumes 35 percent less energy. This Energy Star compact refrigerator is a built-in unit meant for under-the-counter fitting and is highly compact and ideal for kitchen islands. With a normal swing door and extra spaces on the doors and shelves for storing beverage bottles, this machine can be treated as a standalone unit as well.

This Energy Star refrigerator has a separate vegetable crisper and a closable compartment for storing cheese and small packet food items. However, it doesn't come with an ice cube caddy, egg holder or door lock.

This model is priced around $1500.

Avanti-BCA3191BAvanti BCA3191B Counter-Height All Refrigerator is a compact 3.1-cubic-foot fridge that offers sufficient cold storage space for regular refrigerating needs. It has many features, including manual defrost, full range temperature control, and a beverage can dispenser that holds eight 12-ounce cans.

This small energy efficient quiet refrigerator offers a one-year warranty on parts and labor and a five-year warranty on the compressor.

This model costs around $300. Click here fore more Avanti compact refrigerators reviews.

You can also try out a space saving Energy Star chest freezer for deep freezing meat. They consume even less power than Energy Star refrigerators. Energy Star upright freezers serve a similar purpose, only with a bigger unit that offers more space and storage for convenient storage of large items.

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