Dual Zone Wine Cooler
Advantages of Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator Over Single Zone Cellars

A dual zone wine cooler is ideal for storing red and white wine bottles separately to eliminate the consistent reduction in quality and taste of wines preserved in single zoned coolers. Dumping all sorts of wine into a single freezer can keep the fine dining incomplete.

Benefits to Using a Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

dual-zone-wine-coolerGenerically, the two types of wine are red and white. The red wines are best kept at a temperature that is higher than that for white ones.

A dual zone wine refrigerator features two separate, individually controlled and refrigerated compartments for white and red wines. The separate compartments are split with a control panel at the junction. Each section is provided with an electric thermostat display and control so that users can set and manipulate the temperature independently.

With dual zone wine coolers you can store both red and white types of wine at relevant serving temperatures. The bottles are kept laid on the shelves to keep the cork from going dry and then allowing air to pass through and spoil the flavor of the wine.

Dual zone coolers are also much better space savers than the smaller ones and are designed to be mounted over kitchen tops and under the counters. Even the largest models take up more vertical than horizontal space, thus saving a lot of room in the kitchen work area and giving you more room to use.

Advantages of a Dual Zone Wine Cooler Over a Single Zone Cooler

Dual Zone Danby Wine Cooler

  • The temperature variation in a solo zone wine cooler from the top to the bottom chamber is about 5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not enough variation to properly store either one of the wine types.
  • A dual zone refrigerator offers a much better level of control over the temperatures inside. The difference of temperature between two zones can be as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for chilling and preserving wine. The separate temperature controls are very useful in preserving wine at their ideal temperature, thus allowing the users to savor the full taste.
  • Dual zone wine refrigerators are far cheaper than the ordinary refrigerators and also consume less power as compared to the other household appliances.
  • Being highly delicate alcoholic drinks, wines need to be preserved under favorable conditions to optimally enjoy them. Temperature and humidity needs to be at a different level for each type of wine and deviation from these elements can affect the taste greatly. Hence it is always safe and best to use dual zone wine coolers as they are specially-designed to preserve both wine types at their best flavors.
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Updated January , 2011