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Discount Refrigerators
Lowest Price Compact Refrigerator & Discount Freezers

Purchasing discount refrigerators for sale is an excellent way of getting what you need for your kitchen without straining your budget. This is a guide on how you can wisely make use of your limited budget to get the best discount fridge you can afford.

Advantages of a Discount Compact Refrigerator

discount-refrigeratorsA compact discount fridge occupies a small space and is ideal for offices, dormitory rooms, hotels and bars. A chest style fridge is even smaller and is ideal for under-the-counter fitting.

Refrigerator can come with features that enhance style and usability. Exteriors are commonly made of stainless steel, which makes the surface smooth and glossy. It's very easy to clean and looks great. A dark colored unit hides dirty stains easily and does not need regular cleaning. Moreover, the subtle shades on a sleek and slender devise look ultra-cool and trendy.

Removable wire shelving offers convenient storage and improved air circulation that keeps the food fresh for long. The door on a slim fit discount refrigerator can hold large bottles and is equipped with railings to avoid things from falling off.

Cleaning a Discount Wine Refrigerator
  1. Remove all contents and shelves and clean the interior and gaskets properly. Use baking soda mixed with water as the cleaning agent.
  2. Use a lint free dry cotton cloth to dust the exterior. Always use a soft cloth to clean the body of the refrigerator. Avoid abrasive scrubber as it will scratch the finish. An all-purpose mild cleaner like Green Works is good, as it doesn't contain harsh chemicals.
  3. Polish the body with a soft fabric to remove the finger imprints and make it shine. Make a mixture of half water and half vinegar and spray it over the body while polishing it with a clean cloth in circular motion. Allow it to dry before repeating, if necessary.
How to Buy Discount Refrigerators?

Retail outlets have annual sales where they sell refrigerators at a discount price. You can tip one of the workers at a local retail store to inform you beforehand about the sale. Sometimes, manufacturers put introductory offers on appliances.

You can also look online for a discounted price on a quality product. Look at various websites to compare so you can find the best price.

Sometimes second-hand products are sold at unbelievable discounts over the Internet. Avoid buying second hand products unless you are sound about its condition. Sometimes sellers sell broken items online, which will be of no use once you have them home.

Try buying an item that has been on the market for some time and has an established customer base. Usually prices go down after a year of their release.

What Discount Refrigerator is the Best to Buy?

Haier-HNSB02The Haier HNSB02 comes in white and black freezer fridge with a 1.66-cubic-foot capacity. It's compact, includes both a freezer and refrigerator and is one of the top rated discount fridges. It features a seven-setting adjustable thermostat and manual defrost with a drip and ice-cube tray to facilitate quick cleanups.

Other features include door-storage shelves, slide-out wire shelving, a half-width freezer compartment and its dimensions are 18.3 x 19.3 x 20.2 inches. The unit comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Some users have complained that the unit has limited shelving options and is way too expensive for its quality.

Weighing only 38.1 pounds, these discount refrigerators cost about $200.

Frigidaire-FFU14F7HBThe Frigidaire FFU14F7HB is a 14.1 Cu. Ft. upright deep freezer. The unit offers innovative storage solutions like lift-out door bins, glass shelves and StorMor slide-out baskets for larger storage needs.

Performance features of this discount freezer include reduced temperature compressors for higher efficiency, a door lock for secured freezing, a pop-out key for easy unlocking and a temperature alarm to prompt the users about the existing temperature.

This refrigerator only costs around $700.

If you get a discount fridge that is broken you can always get spare fridge parts. Things like a discount refrigerator water filter, door seals, salad drawers, bottle racks and more are all available at discounted rates.

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