Danby Wine Cooler Refrigerators
The Large Capacity Dual-Zone Silhouette Wine Cellar Appliances

A Danby wine cooler is ideal for storing and preserving liquors.

danby-wine-coolerThe Danby wine cellar storage offers ready and handy serving of chilled drinks with its extensive pantry spaces. The units are available from sizes storing six bottles for domestic use to over 160 bottles for commercial use.

Danby appliances come with a warranty of at least 12 months for its parts. The Danby refrigerator products are provided with a literature of manual and specification details at the time of purchase for convenient installing and small repairs.

Unique Features of Danby Wine Coolers

  • danby-wine-coolersDanby wine cooler is very compactly designed for convenient storage. All coolers from small to big ones are quite slender and occupy the least space in the kitchen.
  • The small wine coolers storing less than 17 bottles can be easily placed on the countertops. These are very handy to serve quick shots without even having to bend or shift.
  • The cool display lights inside the units are placed in a manner that they showcase the inner contents. It looks beautiful and tempting when the light illuminates the wine bottles. Users can turn it on or off as required.
  • The machines are powered with semi-conductor technology. This enables the machine to run with the minimum production of sound. Usually, Danby wine cooling units are very quiet.
  • The machines come with a Digital LED display with thermostat. Users can set the desired temperature to cool the liquors inside.
  • A standard Danby wine cooler features temperature ranging from a minimum of 4°C (39° F) to a maximum of 22°C (72° F).
  • The shelves of the units are chrome finished and are sculpted in a way to offer easy cleaning facility.
  • Danby coolers are highly energy efficient. This makes cooling less expensive for the users.
  • All Danby wine cellars come with a warranty of 12 months on labor and parts coverage. Users can enjoy free servicing of the units in case of any problem during this period. The warranty, however, does not include installation or maintenance fees.
  • The bigger cellars come with dual zones of temperature for storing white and red wine separately. Since different wines taste best at different chilled temperatures, the bigger units come with options for different liquor types.
  • The door glass of the units are tinted and tempered. This helps in protecting the liquors.
  • Many Danby compact kitchen appliances are provided with both way door swing for user convenience and to save space.

The Danby Silhouette Range


  1. Occupies very little space for easy storage
  2. Consumes low energy, thus is cheap to run
  3. 4°C lower temperature for maximum cooling
  4. Soothing light for displaying the bottles


  1. Overheating can cause a lot of noise in the compressor fan
  2. Sometimes temperature does not go down due to small leakages in the units
  3. Lack of regular cleaning and maintenance may cause the machines to stop cooling the contents.

Recommended Danby Wine Cooler Best Buy

Danby-DWC172BLDanby DWC172BL from the Danby Silhouette wine cooler range is a compact counter top cooling unit with a capacity of 17 bottles. Suitable for bar and kitchen setting, this unit features a reversible door swing for convenient opening of left and right hand. Users can also store accessories on the molded worktop.

The cabinet is black in color that suits almost all room décors. The shelves are double vinyl coated with an additional staggered shelf for additional and convenient storage.

Danby-DWC2727BLSDanby Wine Cellar DWC2727BLS from the same Silhouette range is a 54 bottles storage unit with French door design and stainless steel shelves and trimmed doors. Dandy for any setting, the cellar's twin door design can hold up 27 bottles in each of the compartments.

The cooling is done through a fan forced, frost free system that maintains the internal temperature consistently. With a free standing design, the machine has a precise LED display for setting temperature, dual temperature zone for storing separate liquor and beverage items and a cool blue incandescent bulb for showcasing the liquor bottles. With a higher storage capacity, this cellar is good for small commercial uses.

Other popular wine Danby refrigerator models in the list are DBC120BLS, DPC6012BLS, DWBC14BLS and DWC166BLSRH.

Danby products are known for their performance and style. Irrespective of their popularity, you should choose the Danby wine cooler model that serves your purpose the most.

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Updated January 5, 2011