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commercial-refrigeratorsCommercial refrigerators are essential for businesses like restaurants, bars and medicinal stores.

If you are in a business where you need refrigeration then investing in a commercial fridge is crucial since residential fridges cannot hold up to the requirements.

Before you start searching for the best industrial heavy duty model for the lowest price, first you need to find out what you will be storing and the amount of storage required on a daily basis.

Types of Commercial Fridges

  1. Walk In- It actually allows you to walk in and place items in large quantity.
  2. Stand Up- Similar to a regular fridge, but more strongly built to handle random use. Mostly, these refrigerators come without freezers.
  3. Glass Door Fridge- Most commonly used in restaurants, retail stores and bars. It provides a clear view of the items stored inside the fridge so that customers can view them.
  4. Sliding Door Fridge- The fridge door slides from side to sides.

If you want to customize the features of different types of refrigerators into one, you can order custom made professional fridges.

Is a Commercial Beverage Refrigerator Enough, or Do You Need More?

Different commercial fridges have the capability to benefit your business in different ways, so it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. Here are some vital questions that you need to answer before you start your search for that perfect commercial refrigerator.

  • What is the amount of refrigerated storage you need?
  • How much will you want to store at once?
  • How quickly do you rotate your storage?
  • What is the storage capacity of the freezer you are looking for?
  • Do you want your customers to have access?

True one door commercial cooler/refrigerator demonstration

Once you have answered these questions it becomes easier to search for the right industrial fridge. Furthermore, you also need to know about the properties of a good refrigerator as it helps you to select the right one even if it's not the cheapest available model. Take a look at some vital properties:

Large storage space- In comparison to residential models, commercial refrigerators are larger in size. However, the manufacturers produce commercial fridges in different sizes to serve diverse needs. A large commercial beverage refrigerator or a kitchen fridge has enough power to heavily cool its contents, which is essential for any business.

Efficient energy consumption- The storage capacity of these models is large and thus the cooling capability is powerful, so it can quickly increase your electricity bill. It is essential to act smart and go for the Energy Star rated products so that limited consumption of energy takes place without affecting the performance of the fridge. Take a look at this report by the Department of Energy on the recommended energy efficiency ratings in kWh/day for various commercial cooling appliances.

Low maintenance- The repair cost of some operating problems can be quite high for a heavy duty fridge. If you want to save money on the repair cost, it is advisable to opt for the new models since used commercial refrigerator repair can be expensive. The initial investment in a new model is greater, but it will help you to save money in the long run as you won't be regularly investing money on maintenance.

Best Commercial Refrigerator Reviews

True-MFg-GDM-23WTrue commercial refrigeration products are leading the market and one of the most popular models is the True MFg.GDM-23W glass door merchandiser. With 23 cubic feet of capacity, convenient clean-out drain, stainless steel floor, white vinyl-coated aluminum interior and white laminated vinyl exterior, this model is quite good.

It maintains temperatures between 33 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 degrees Fahrenheit and measures 27 inches wide x 29 7/8 inches deep and 78 5/8 inches tall. The model is safe and convenient to use.

Arctic-Air-refrigeratorArctic Air commercial refrigerators are also very popular. Arctic Air's 32-inch Commercial Reach-In Refrigerator (R22CW) is a versatile model that can store large quantities.

It can be moved from one place to another quite easily and it is energy efficient. The temperature control range is between 34 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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