Built in Wine Cooler
The Benefits of Compact Built-in Wine Refrigerator Installation

A built in wine cooler is a great addition to your kitchen space or wet bar that enhances the entertainment value of the place.

With an abundance of styles and sizes to choose from, these built in coolers are mostly chosen for their slim profiles that easily fit under kitchen countertops with minimal adjustments needed.

Some of the Best Features of a Compact Wine Cooler are:

Built-in Danby Silhouette Wine Cooler

  • A built in wine refrigerator offers a huge storage space for large numbers of both plus and medium sized wine bottles. Through the transparent yet tinted glass door, you will easily be able to locate a particular bottle or survey your entire collection without opening it. Furthermore, many built in wine coolers are equipped with additional spaces for storing wine accessories.
  • The coolers mostly come as free-standing models that get fitted on the constricted spaces of kitchen counters. They also come in modified versions for further convenience. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose any kind befitting the décor and style of your kitchen, dining room and den.
  • Compact wine cooler designs are also fitted with special LED lights that showcase the wine collection without affecting the color and taste of the drink.
  • Red wines require a temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit, and the white wines need 40-45 degrees. Dual or more zones with separate control panels are specially devised to store different types of liquor to retain the life and flavor of the wine for long.
How to Install an Under the Counter Built in Wine Cooler?

built-in-wine-coolerYou need to buy a front vent unit for under the counters as the rear venting units are hazardous to install in a limited space. Once purchased, make your cabinet ready for installation. Usually wine coolers come with 15 to 30 inches width that fit neatly in a standard sized cabinet. Remove the lower cabinet as necessary.

Before installation, apply a finish on the cabinet and, if needed, dig out a hole and stain the wood for matching them up with the rest. Next, set up a 110 volt outlet for a standard cooler, or 220 volt for the larger built in wine coolers.

Now, slide the cooler inside and plug it to ensure that the wires are not getting entangled beneath the runners. Leave a little space behind to avoid pressure on the outlet and plug. Level the machine by manipulating the bottom feet on all sides until it is equidistant from the bottom overhang of the counter. You will need to go through the manual to locate the feet as they usually stay hidden.

Apply a desired trim and your cooler is ready for use.

Why You Need a Built in Wine Refrigerator

Nothing is like a compact cooler in the limited space of the kitchen to store and later savor the unique taste of vintage wine. Since wine enthusiasts find it indispensable to keep a wine cooler at home, a built in cooler is the best possible unit for modern homes with limited storage consumption, energy efficiency and a host of convenient features.

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