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A built in refrigerator is a fridge that's custom built for modern space-constrained kitchens. The space-saving quality of these units is their best feature. The saved space in the kitchen can be used to store a dishwasher, add extra shelves, etc.

Benefits of a Built-in Fridge

built-in-refrigeratorA built in fridge offers huge storage space. With adjustable shelves and long counter depth width, the freezer is spacious and can store tall bottles. Some refrigerators are equipped with wine holders for convenient storage of wine bottles.

The machines are sleek and very slim, fitting into tight kitchen corners. The custom made panels and unfinished tops add a special style factor to the units. Because of their stylish build, built-in refrigerators fit any sort of kitchen decoration. Aside from this, their soothing colors also do not pose any trouble in blending with diverse kitchen settings.

Built in fridges have many benefits. They have separate sections for the freezer and fridge and are devoid of vibration, which is favorable for preserving wine as vibration affects the quality. The temperature controls and temperature detectors located outside of the fridge are very useful in setting the desired temperature.

Best of all, a built in wine refrigerator consumes less power than regular refrigerating units.

How to Uninstall a Built in Refrigerator?

First, take all the screws out of the mounting brackets of your wine refrigerator. Every fridge is different and the screws can be located on the sides or top of the fridge.

Next, take out the access panel from under the fridge. This will bare the bottom part of the refrigerator. Use gloves to screw the refrigerator legs to the left, which will automatically lower the fridge. This makes sliding the machine out from under the cabinet space easy. Slide it out, unplug the refrigerator from the power and you're all done.

Picking the Best Built in Compact Refrigerators

Viking Built-in Stainless Steel Fridge Video Demonstration

  1. Measure the amount of space available in your kitchen cabinet in both height and width. Leave a couple of excess inches to avoid an extremely tight fit. Based on the measurement you can determine the size of built in refrigerators you should look at.
  2. Decide if you want a metal or paneled finish. Take a look at your kitchen layout and determine which way the built in needs to be opened.
  3. You should also assess the freezer options in built in fridges. Decide if you want a side, bottom, or top freezer compartment. If you have knee and back issues, choose a top mounted freezer, and if your kitchen can accommodate a full sized freezer, then do not opt for an integrated freezer.
  4. Check out the ice and water options. Choose a fridge that offers a sufficiently deep ice and water bay. Carry a 16-ounce glass to see if it fits the bay service. Avoid shallow bays to prevent spills on the floor.
  5. When looking at a built in fridge you should also compare the interior layouts of the door. Consider tall and deep adjustable shelves for easy storage of tall drink containers and gallon jugs. Prefer one with wide rails to prevent tipping off. Also, ensure that the fridge has large and closable egg and butter compartments.
  6. Compare the benefits of plastic and solid glass shelves with wire shelving. Keep in mind that offered by wire shelves offer better air circulation and cooling that solid glass shelves.
  7. Compare the cold zone to assess the preserving and cooling capacity. Look for refrigerators that come with separate compartments for things like meat and cheese, and for energy efficient models to save on your electric bills.

Best Built in Refrigerators to Buy

Samsung-RF217ABWPSamsung RF217ABWP is a 33-inch x 96.75-inch x 32.25-inch model, with a bottom freezer and an overall capacity of 20 cubic feet. It comes with five glass plastic shelves, a water filter and a 6.4-cubic-foot freezer capacity, an ice maker and an ice dispenser.

It's Energy Star compliant and has features like an automatic defrost, digital display, door alarm, gallon storage, a single motor and a one-year warranty on labor and parts.

The shelves don't adjust much and cannot store tall bottles. Though this particular built-in refrigerator is very quiet, the ice maker creates a lot of noise. It's also expensive, around $1200.

Summit-BI605BSummit BI605B is a 24-inch built in compact refrigerator weighing only 100 pounds. This thin-line model has been designed to accommodate narrow, hard-to-fill kitchen spaces. With a storage capacity of 6 cubic feet, the machine comes with built-in installation kits and is ideal for under-the-counter fitting. With a solid construction and refrigerator-freezer type, this efficient Summit refrigerator comes with a bottom condenser coupled with fan-forced, front-vented cooling.

This model costs around $600.

For large families, you can try out one of the 42 inch built in refrigerators for enormous and elaborate storage space, provided you have a fairly large kitchen. You can also consider a refrigerator with built in TV to enjoy watching movies and soaps while cooking, or one of the many GE built in refrigerators.

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