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Reviews of Avanti Wine Refrigerators & Compact Freezers

The compact Avanti refrigerators are very popular for their space efficient designs, exclusively tailored for wine, beer and other beverage drinks storage.

avanti-refrigeratorsThese fridges are suitable if you live in an apartment and have a limited space to accommodate in your kitchen, but often hold parties and need to keep lots of drink bottles chilled.

Avanti Products have created a niche in the market for their wide range of electronic goods. The company is making specialized compact refrigerators since more than three decades, along with Avanti water cooler dispensers, wine cellars, and upright and chest freezers.

Avanti compact refrigerator models enjoy steady demand in the market. The quality is high and the users get good money value by purchasing these compact models. Its customers are mainly people who live in apartments and students who stay in the college dorms. These models are used in the offices as well. In fact, Avanti compact fridges are widely used in several hotel chains and refreshment centers.

Unique Features of Avanti Refrigerators

  • R134A Refrigerants- Avanti compact models make use of R134A refrigerants instead of compressors, which make the operation less noisy.
  • Thermostat- Allows you to adjust temperature of the fridge between 36F and 56F.
  • LED Lighting- Provides brighter interior, but consumes less power.
  • Auto Defrost- No hazard of defrosting manually. This feature of Avanti refrigerator allows you to take items from the freezer easily.
  • Slide Out Shelf- Provides easy reach to the food items deep inside the shelf.
  • Reversible Door- More convenient and efficient utilization of space.
Avanti Compact Refrigerators

Avanti BCA4560

Avanti has become famous for the small and compact fridges for quite some time now. The models come with limited storage capacity as they are small in size. The maximum capacity is 7 cu .ft, which is available in the bigger models of the compact range of Avanti fridges

Most of the Avanti compact refrigerators are loaded with decent features and attractive look. The racks are made of glass instead of the regular wire-made ones and hence it adds a bit of sophistication. The models even look cool with the sleek platinum finish.

Avanti BCA4560W is an example of recommended best buy. This is a counter-high compact refrigerator by Avanti that provides storage capacity of 4.5 cu. ft. It comes with a reversible door that allows swinging to both left and right for more convenience. It works with free standing installation only and the stored food remains fresh for long time. The model has got ENERGY STAR rating, which assures less consumption of energy.

Outdoor Avanti Refrigerator Models

Avanti-OBC32SSThese are also compact refrigerators, but especially designed for outdoor usage. These models can be used as under-counter or built-in units or as free standing models. Installing these units against the walls is easier because of the flush back and front vent designs.

A recommended model under this category would be Avanti OBC32SS, which has a storage capacity of 3.2 cu. ft and a complete stainless steel finish. It can be conveniently used outdoor as it includes a 6 ft power chord. It is quite economical and cost around $820.

Avanti Wine Refrigerators

avanti-wine-refrigeratorYou can turn your home into a mini bar by storing different types of wines and beverages in an Avanti wine refrigerator. There are different types of models under this category such as built-in, thermostatic and dual-zone. Generally, these units have a capacity to store from 34 to 49 bottles, while there are models with bigger storage capacity.

Avanti WC681BG is an example of such model that can store 166 bottles of wine. Vital features of the model include one touch digital control for proper storage of the wines, sliding wooden shelves for easy reach to the wine bottles, reversible double pane glass door and security lock.

Avanti Freezer Reviews

avanti-freezerAvanti freezers are super compact models suitable for the smallest size of kitchens. These refrigerator freezer models are perfect for offices, studio apartments, guest houses, and vacation homes.

The freezers provide diverse temperature control features, wire shelves that can be adjusted according to the requirements, field reversible door, and bigger unit storage capacity on the door.

Avanti CF103 is a recommended chest freezer with the storage capacity of 3.5 cu. ft. Adjustable thermostat for altering temperatures, removable storage basket, energy saving manual defrost, and wrap around condenser and evaporator makes this Avanti freezer a good choice.

Weaknesses & Problems

In spite of the attractive features, there are some complaints that can be noticed in some Avanti refrigerator reviews. Some users complain about circuit board, poor electronic control, leakage of gas, faulty condenser fan, etc.

Overall, Avanti refrigerators offer good value for money. Its compact fridges are user-friendly and energy efficient.

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Updated December 3, 2010